A working style we’ve previously discussed on this blog is hot-desking.

Hot-desking is the practice of not having allocated desks for employees, meaning that people have the chance to work in different parts of the office each day and interact with new people. This can lead to improved collaboration and innovation, as well as better coworker relationships. Even better, your employees will get the chance to talk to people they might not otherwise interact with and can gain a better overall understanding of the business and how it works.

That said, while there are a lot of potential benefits to hot desking, there are some challenges your business might encounter. Today, we’re bringing you a fantastic office solution we think every office utilising hot-desking should try.

Hot Boxes

Hot Boxes are a portable storage system that allow your employees to quickly, easily and securely move their workstations. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, there is a hot box perfect for every employee and job role. Plus, all models have a wide range of customisation and accessories available, allowing you to purchase colours to fit your company brand and for your field based sales employees.

Hot Box Benefits

It may not be immediately clear what all the benefits of Hot Boxes are – after all, on first glance they just look like another storage box. There are a lot of reasons that we’re excited about these products – in fact, we’ve kitted out our sales reps with them because we like them so much!

Let’s take a look at some of the features of hot boxes that make them so useful:

Take a watch of our video to see them in action!

Efficient way to pack up and move your workstation

When you’re working flexibly, or hot-desking, your workstation will need to be mobile. After all, you may need to move it at the drop of a hat! Hot boxes provide an all-in-one storage solution for you to pack your workstation up into. Everything is in one place, easily accessible and easily movable.

It’s quick and easy, leaving your employees more time to do the important things.


Leading on from our first point, the hot boxes are easily portable – but, more importantly, they’re accessible for all employees. If you have workers who suffer with back problems and those that are unable to carry heavy items like brochures/laptops etc, it’s good to know that the Hot Boxes have an option to be attached to a luggage frame that allows them to be easily pulled along like a trolley.


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Hot Box Models