Why you should consider an Air Purifier for the Office?

With the effect of the global pandemic from the initial strain, to the Delta and Omicron variants, ventilation and indoor air quality has never been more important. With all the varying information regarding air purifiers, purchasing one can seem quite overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ve de-mystified everything that you need to know to help you find the perfect solution.

What is an air purifier?

An air purifier cleans the air through the use of a filter, or filters removing contaminants and pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke and dangerous airborne viruses and bacteria. Air purifiers also help to reduce the chances of health issues caused by air pollutants, such as respiratory problems, neurological problems or the aggravation of asthma.

Typically, filters are made of paper, fibre, fibreglass or mesh and they require regular replacement to maintain efficiency. Other filters are reusable and will need regular washing for optimal usage. 

Air purifiers help to reduce the spread of Covid-19

Germs and pollutants thrive indoors due to the lack of circulation, meaning rooms that have poor ventilation can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Specific air purifiers with the HEPA filter have been proven to reduce airborne viruses such as Covid-19.  A HEPA filter can remove 99.97% or more of airborne particles that are sized 0.3 microns and larger…these filters can be effective in removing Covid-19 particles within the air.

How to choose the right indoor air purifier? 

Every air purifier has different factors and features that affect its usage and its effectiveness against domestic pollution, so before buying an air purifier for your workspace it’s important to compare the features to ensure it can meet your requirements. 

A good air purification system can clean the air of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

Reviewing the filtration levels is also an important factor when considering which air purifier will be right for your indoor space. Take a look below to view some of the key criteria to look out for when purchasing an air purifier:-

  • CADR (clean-air delivery rate) rating – This calculates the rate at which the purifier extracts dust and pollen.
  • Clean air changes per hour – Airflow rate relative to the room size and depends on the quantity of people in a room and environment but between 3 and 6 is recommended and up to 10 in places such as hospitals.
  • Speed of aerosol reduction – SAGE suggest in their paper Ventilation Actions summary that if there are 6 air changes per hour, 95% of contaminants in the air would be removed in 30 minutes.
  • Size guidelines – For high efficiency, get the right model for your room size. Opt for a model that is designed for a larger space. Consult with your supplier and ask for assistance calculating which models are suitable for your space and how many purifiers you will require to improve ventilation and air quality.
  • Efficiency of filters – HEPA Filters – HEPA13 and HEPA14 have the highest filtration for viruses and are an industry standard for quality air purifiers.  They are effective at removing the smallest of particles like dust, dander, pollen, mould and other common allergens that can be found in the work place. 
  • Carbon filters – These make a considerable difference to the removal of odours within a room.
  • Filter only or filter and decontamination?  Some air cleaners are filter only and some decontaminate any bacteria or viruses that have been drawn into the filters using a steronizer, heat or ultraviolet light.
  • UV Light –  As mentioned above, some filters will capture airborne particles and some will go to the next step and have a process to kill bacteria and viruses using a heat decontamination or UV light process.
  • Intelligent Sensors – Some air purifiers have built in sensors which scan a room and will automatically commence air cleaning when air quality drops and other units will notify you when air quality falls below a set figure. 
  • Location – Being able to correctly locate an air purifier is essential for high function, since most air purifiers have an intake near the front of the machine, you will want the unit to be in a suitable position to access key parts of the room close to the occupants or have more than one unit to ensure it has access to the many airborne particles.
  • Portable – Consider where you would like the air cleaner to be located and if it would help to be portable.  Wall mounted, table top and floor standing machines are available and you can also purchase units on wheels.
  • Noise Level – 68 dB or below is considered safe and all air purifiers will have the noise level within the description and normal conversation is around 60bD https://www.commodious.co.uk/knowledge-bank/noise/measuring-levels
  • Cost – Units can range from £100 to a few thousand pounds.
  • Maintenance – Filter change frequency is typically annually or every six months. Some can be carried out in-house and some will require a professional to remove and change the filter. Typically, the higher than fan speed, the more maintenance will be required.
  • Air Quality Monitoring & Reporting – Air quality reporting can be provided for some models which may be useful for potential litigation purposes.
  • Environmental impact of the unit – All air purifiers will have an impact on the environment, however, finding one that has features that will lower that impact can be important.
  • Testing & certification – Check what laboratory testing has been carried out and some manufacturers have white papers on their products.

We hope the above has provided some useful tips to consider before purchasing an air cleaner for your indoor setting. To find out more about air purifiers and lease plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Antimicrobial vs Antibacterial

If you haven’t heard of Veraco yet they produce hygiene safe wraps.  These UK manufactured touchpoint wraps reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses on handles, buttons, handrails and turnstiles. The wraps use silver ion technology and tests show 99.97% efficacy against Human Coronavirus 229E.


An important question often asked by our clients is “What is the difference between Antimicrobial and Antibacterial? While the terms often appear to have the same meaning, it’s vital to understand that there is a clear difference between them.


What Does Antibacterial Mean?

An antibacterial substance inhibits the growth of bacteria cells or kills them. This prevents them from spreading illnesses caused by bacteria, like:

  • E. coli
  • Shigella
  • Salmonella

Antibacterial products can only prevent bacterial growth and spread, and are not effective against fungi and viruses. Antibacterial products contain active ingredients that create hostile environments that are inhospitable for bacteria.




What Does Antimicrobial Mean?

An antimicrobial agent is a substance that works to eliminate or inhibit the growth of a variety of microorganisms, like bacteria, fungi and viruses. They’re also effective against certain parasites and mites, such as house dust mites.

Antimicrobials protect against a variety of different illnesses and infections including:

  • Coronavirus
  • Influenza
  • Ebola
  • The common cold

Antimicrobials work by disrupting and stopping the growth of a variety of microorganisms at a cellular level. These microorganisms would ordinarily self-replicate, meaning that they can spread and cause infections. Antimicrobial products contain agents, like silver ions, that protect against microorganisms.

The silver ions in these products attach themselves to a cell’s proteins, interfere with its DNA and block its respiratory system. This stops the cell’s energy production and causes it to burst.

Why Choose Antimicrobial v Antibacterial?

First and foremost, where an antibacterial product won’t protect you from COVID-19, an antimicrobial will.

What is antimicrobial technology?

The technology uses antimicrobial substances in products to reduce or eliminate the presence of microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Antimicrobial Wraps….How do we use this technology?

The adhesive pads and wraps are designed to be used on frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, shopping trolleys and handrails, to stop the spread of viruses.

Easy Fix

The adhesive wraps are quick to fix and simply require the chosen surface to be clean and dry.  You simply peel the adhesive backing and press to secure the hygiene wrap which will last for 12 months.  These wraps can be used inside or outside.


To learn more click here or to check out the range click here .



Business building

What is included in property maintenance services?

Unless property maintenance is your core business, all those little maintenance jobs are likely to be put at the bottom of your To Do list owing to the fact that they don’t directly bring money into the company. By outsourcing your property maintenance services, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance, enabling you to take care of what you’re good at, knowing that your premises are being looked after by the experts and you are fully compliant

We offer a number of property management services that will help you maintain your property to a high standard, giving you the peace of mind that your premises are clean, safe and well maintained. We’ll also help to ease your workload because all you need to do is contact us and we’ll do the rest! 

Grounds Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

We will help you draw up a schedule of all the planned and compliance related jobs that you know you’ll need to do throughout the year. Our highly trained experts will make sure your equipment is working efficiently, identify any potential problems and schedule preventative repairs at a time that suits you. If you know there may be a problem but leave things until they go wrong, you run the risk of disrupting your work, reducing productivity or impacting business continuity, as well as incurring emergency call-out fees. An additional problem which many companies are experiencing as a result of the pandemic is that you can no longer rely on parts being available when you need them. With PPM, you can order spare parts in advance, so even if there’s a delay in delivery, you won’t experience disruption. 

A picture of work tools for minor repairs


Whether it’s a broken office chair, a cracked sink, a scratched table, chipped tiles, a leaking sink or a broken door, you need to repair it. With everyone recognising the need to work as sustainably as possible, our motto of ‘Repair Don’t Replace’ has never been more apt. Not only is repairing what you have the right thing to do for the planet, it’s also much more cost effective and less disruptive than buying and installing a brand-new replacement. 

And when you’re so obviously taking good care of your company’s property, it encourages your staff to take more care of it too, reducing the chance of accidental damage happening in the future. 

Cleaning and Hygiene

Quills offers cleaning services to maintain hygiene throughout your premises, especially in high-traffic areas. Since the pandemic, it’s even more important to ensure that everything possible is done to protect staff and visitors from the risks of infection, and our anti-bacterial deep clean service has become a very popular addition to our regular cleaning services. 

Cleaning & Hygiene picture of Quills worker

Grounds Maintenance

Outdoor grounds and communal areas come with their own maintenance and cleaning needs, and a facilities management service will provide everything you need, from grass cutting and gardening to waste management and de-icing in the winter months. 

Legionella Testing

Preventing the occurrence of the legionella bacteria in your property’s water system is a fundamental part of your company’s health and safety requirements. Our specialists will be happy to carry out a risk assessment and organise any monitoring, water testing, disinfection and remedial works necessary. All our staff are fully trained and certified. 

Contact us to find out more about what’s included in our property maintenance services and how we can help you with your particular needs.

Hygiene solutions with environmental benefits

Hygiene has become a vital part of everyday life, and in the ‘new normal’, businesses will need to consider what they purchase in order to provide a Covid-safe environment for your employees, visitors and customers. Since the pandemic, it has become an essential part of your company’s duty of care to ensure your workplace is clean and hygienic, and there are many products and services available, including some fantastic cost saving sustainable solutions.

If you want to reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend cleaning surfaces, there are a number of ways to provide antimicrobial protection that will minimise cleaning time and the amount or harsh cleaning products required.

Antimicrobial surface coating

Many companies coming out of lockdown want time-saving and more eco-friendly hygiene solutions and are implementing long term strategies to stay bacterial and virus free. This is why they are protecting heavy use areas with an antimicrobial surface coating which guarantees protection for 12 months against germs, bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and TGEV Coronavirus. The antimicrobial surface coating is clear and can be applied to a range of hard surfaces, touch screens and fabrics too.

As an employer it’s great to know that you can provide your employees and visitors with the peace of mind that high traffic areas, such as door handles, chairs, desks, buttons, touch screens, phones, handrails, turnstiles, gym equipment, flooring and play equipment, are protected. Having an antimicrobial coating in place means your company will save time and money by reducing the frequent cleaning and sanitising of these surfaces. So that’s fewer harsh chemicals, and fewer paper towels.

As the coating is safe to use on fabrics, it means that chairs, soft furnishings, fabric partitions and screens can also be protected.

Surface Spray

For shorter-term solutions, an antibacterial surface spray like PPE XtraSAN, creates a biofilm that will kill bacteria and viruses for up to 28 days. Like the surface coating, it provides a protective biofilm, which means you don’t have to use harsh cleaning chemicals on it and can save time and money on cleaning. And it’s a refillable product which means it’s also more sustainable.

Antibacterial chairs

If you run schools, colleges, healthcare centres, community halls, etc., talk to us about replacing your stacking chairs with ones that are antibacterial. These chairs have a silver-based additive that kills 99.9% of MRSA and E.coli. The chairs are strong, durable and easy to clean and can even be steam cleaned without damaging the surface.

AeraMax air purifiers

Air purifiers like AeraMax have unsurprisingly become very popular. The product comes with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that can remove 99.97% of air pollutants including germs, bacteria, allergens, pollen and mould. The purifier has a four-stage filtration process which includes a carbon layer to capture and neutralise odours, and an antimicrobial layer that traps bacteria, viruses and fungi, therefore taking them out of circulation.

When possible, natural air ventilation is key. However this isn’t always practical when you factor in the weather, safety, the building itself, noise and privacy for healthcare settings. You would also lose a lot of heating by keeping windows and doors open in the winter months, so air purifiers can be deemed a more energy efficient solution.

Air purifiers will continue to be useful additions to your office or commercial premises after the pandemic is over. They clean 99.7% of airborne particulates, including viruses and allergens, from the atmosphere, meaning the air is cleaner and more pleasant to work in. It is also less likely that colds will spread, keeping ‘presenteeism’ to a minimum and productivity high. They also remove odours which makes them useful in gym environments, nurseries and educational settings.

Hygienic office supplies

We also stock a number of office staples that have antibacterial properties, such as mouse mats, foot rests, back supports and trolleys (that’s got to be worth celebrating with tea and biscuits all round…individually wrapped, of course, to help reduce the spread of germs!).

Pedal bins are a necessity and are needed now more than ever. Though you could go one better and have touch free bins which enable everyone to dispose of their waste at the same time as minimising the spread of germs.

Hands-free soap dispensers are a great way to maintain hygienic practices, especially when used alongside hands-free hand towel dispensers.

When you greet visitors on arrival in reception, provide hands-free hand sanitiser dispensers for their convenience and safety. It’s going to be a while before we return to life without having to use so much hand sanitiser, so make it as easy as possible for people to maintain Covid-safe hygiene practices.

Face masks

To increase the safety of your staff and visitors, try our range of nano face masks. The properties of the masks mean that you can wear them multiple times before washing, and the antibacterial properties have been shown to last for over 50 washes. They are 100% cotton, recyclable and biodegradable giving them environmental benefits that disposable masks do not. Providing these for your staff is a great way to keep them safe and an environmentally friendly choice.

Hand sanitiser

We have a range of hand sanitisers available, including our NEW organic, alcohol free sanitiser that last for *8 hours! With only 0.5 ml per application and the ability to protect against 99.9% of bacteria and the Coronavirus this really is a product not to miss. The product provides a protective film with an active ingredient that breaks into the shell of enveloped viruses, killing them within 30 seconds. With other products, you’d have to sanitise your hands six times to gain the same eight-hour protection, making it great value for money. It’s also food safe and safe for children to use. As organic, non-hazardous, non-toxic and with no irritant chemicals, it’s environmentally friendly, and is a refillable product. What’s not to like!

*This is dependent on when and how this is used and in differing environments.

Repair don’t replace

When chips or cracks appear in ceramic sinks and toilets or on wall tiles, they need to be repaired as soon as possible and not just because they look unsightly. The cracks will accumulate dirt and grime, and that will provide a great breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the expense and disruption of replacing the entire object as it can be expertly repaired in a sustainable way with a repair and for a fraction of the cost.

We hope the above has provided some insight into more sustainable hygiene solutions that don’t need to cost the earth.

Enquiries: hello@quilllsuk.co.uk

AeraMax Pro for Dental Surgeries

AeraMax® Pro 2 Air Purifier - Wall Mount

AeraMax® Pro 2 Air Purifier – Wall Mount

Air Quality

Air quality has always been a concern for dental surgeries, but during the pandemic it is a vital element in helping surgeries to open and operate safely. Ventilating treatment rooms through opening the windows can be effective, but in the winter months is not a practical or a pleasant option. Many surgeries get around this by installing air purifiers like the AeraMax Pro, which has the advantage of being fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filters as they are more commonly known. The air purifier can be seamlessly integrated into the workplace and is key for rooms with no windows where it is not recommended to carry out applications which require the use of aerosol equipment.

Government guidelines are clear that ventilation reduces the possibility of aerosol transmission: “increasing the occupancy of a space increases the probability of airborne transmission by four-fold. Exposure risk may be further increased if distances between people are reduced to <2m.” Unsurprisingly, the recommendation is: “Ventilation should be integral to the COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for all multi-occupant public buildings and workplaces.”

Dental surgeries are particularly at risk because, in addition to proximity, out of necessity, the procedures use high velocity air and water streams that create aerosol droplets leading to an even higher risk of respiratory transmission.

Post procedures that generate aerosols, the government has recommended that dental surgeries have a downtime of between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the amount of ventilation there is which affects how many air changes there are per hour (ACH). This will clearly have an impact on the number of patients a dental practice is able to treat and can cause a frustrating backlog of patients needing an appointment.

Air purifiers

Government guidance into COVID-19 infection prevention and control suggests that: “Recirculating air cleaning devices with HEPA filter systems or UV-C are likely to be effective,” concluding that the: “addition of recirculating air cleaning devices could enhance the effective air change rate. Devices should be correctly sized and the impacts on the room air flows considered. The effectiveness of air cleaning devices will depend on the flow rate of the device, the efficiency of air cleaning and the size of the room.”

AeraMax® Pro 3 Air Purifier - Wall Mount

AeraMax® Pro 3 Air Purifier – Wall Mount

HEPA filters are recommended because they can remove 99.97% of air pollutants, which includes germs, bacteria, allergens, pollen and mould. The AeraMax Pro range uses extra thick filters in a four-stage filtration process that includes an antimicrobial layer to trap bacteria and take it out of circulation.

In addition, the AeraMax has laser sensors which monitor the air quality, as well as sensors that not only detect when people are in the room but also how many people there are, using this information to automatically adjust its efficiency and increase ACH. As soon as anyone is in the room, the device adjusts the speed of the fans to improve circulation, and when the room is empty, it will go into sleep mode to save energy.

AeraMax® Pro 4 Air Purifier - Wall Mount

AeraMax® Pro 4 Air Purifier – Wall Mount

In cleaning particles from the air, purifiers have the additional advantage of reducing colds and flu, as well as the symptoms of sick building syndrome, all of which can potentially result in reduced productivity and staff absenteeism.

If opening windows is an impractical way of ventilating your dental surgery, opticians or healthcare practice, either because of the cold or proximity to a busy road, create a cleaner, safer, less noisy working environment by installing air purifiers.

For more information, to shop the Aeramax Pro range or receive a free quote, please click here. You can also get in touch at hello@quillsuk.co.uk or via live chat.

aeramax air purifier for corporate industry

Air Purifier – AeraMax Pro

An AeraMax Pro with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can remove 99.97% of air pollutants which includes germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollen and mould.

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors within shared spaces like the workplace, schools, healthcare environments and many other public places. Even before the outbreak of Coronavirus, the quality of the air indoors was a worry for many, and with good reason – indoor air is estimated to be around five times more polluted than outdoor air. This makes it imperative for companies to improve the air quality in order to protect the health of employees, teachers, students and visitors; especially in buildings with air conditioning and sealed windows.

Why AeraMax Pro Air Purifier?

We understand the need to use face masks during the pandemic to help block particles and quite frankly, the more layers the better! The AeraMax Pro has a four-stage filtration process which includes a carbon layer to capture and neutralise odours, and an antimicrobial layer that traps bacteria and fungi, therefore taking them out of circulation.

The Pro has extra thick filters, making it suitable for commercial environments. Intelligent sensors detect when and how many people are in the room and will adjust its efficiency accordingly. High grade laser sensors monitor the air quality as it enters and leaves the purifier.

When people are in the room, each unit will automatically adjust fan speeds to control the air quality. When the room is unoccupied, units will go into sleep mod

Air purifiers and COVID-19

The Coronavirus is an airborne virus transmitted on small particles which are inhaled, enabling it to spread. Researchers have discovered that it can linger in the atmosphere for up to three hours after emission. Government guidance focuses on the importance of ventilation in the fight against the coronavirus: “Ventilation should be integral to the COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for all multi occupant public buildings and workplaces”. Recommending that companies: “take appropriate actions to improve ventilation and deal with health and comfort related consequences such as providing adequate heating.” In the winter months, it is clearly impractical to expect staff to work with the windows wide open which is why an air purifier like the AeraMax Pro is such a useful weapon in the fight against infection. However, it must be used alongside other hygiene measures such as social distancing, hand washing, antimicrobial surface coatings, protective sneeze screens etc.

Sick building syndrome

Inadequate ventilation may also lead to what is known as ‘sick building syndrome’ – a generic term which covers discomfort and the feeling of being unwell. People report symptoms such as throat irritation, nausea, headaches, mental fatigue, and dry skin. One of the possible causes, according to the HSE, is “air pollution including airborne organic matter”. An air purifier can help reduce the symptoms of sick building syndrome.

Aeramax pro air purifier in hospital


By improving the air quality of your business premises, you can improve productivity at the same time as reducing absenteeism. This has made the AeraMax Pro popular with organisations such as schools, healthcare facilities, dentists, vets, laboratories, as well as offices, shops, theme parks and gyms.

nano silicon eco mask black

Have you heard of Nano-silicon face masks?

One of our most popular face masks is the Nano-silicon Eco Mask which has three layers coated in nano-silicon antibacterial solution, the mask is biodegradable, reusable and self-cleans while you wear it due its protective coating. It retains its antibacterial properties even after 50 washes making it a cost effective premium face covering.

The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine is amazing news, and whilst it means there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we’ve actually still got some way to go. Indeed, it could be months before we can finally hug our friends and social distancing is relegated to being just a bad memory, which means we are still going to have to wear face masks in 2021.

Ditch the disposables

Disposable face masks have become a blight on the environment. More than 100 million are thrown away every week in the UK alone, yet the majority of people who wear them are unaware that they’re made of single use plastic. They are not recyclable, and have become the new scourge of the countryside; old masks and PPE equipment are frequently found littering the country. Not only do single-use masks take thousands of years to break down, they also release harmful microplastics into our waterways.

It is therefore important that as many of us as possible opt for reusable face masks. Indeed, many people have been creative with leftover materials and homemade cotton masks are a common sight on our streets. However, if you would like greater protection, with three layers of nano-silicon antibacterial protection, we have a very effective and eco-friendly solution.

What is Nano-Silicon?

So here’s the science, nano-dispersion technology is used to dip onto all 3 layers in 25mm of nano-silicon solution. As a result, the mask surface is a photocatalytic antimicrobial, it absorbs light and reduced reactive oxygen species (ROS). These powerful microbicides can kill viruses and bacteria and other harmful pathogens by breaking down the bacteria cell wall and attacking its DNA ensuring that they die and cannot reproduce. Nano-silicon face masks are all made from 100% cotton, which means they’re biodegradable and recyclable. Each mask is made of three layers of densely woven cotton fabric, and each layer is sprayed with nano-silicon which sterilises the fabric, killing 99.9% of bacteria that land on the mask.

Quills Nano-Silicon Eco Antibacterial Face Mask

Given that a single layer mask can block 80-90% of bacteria alone, a triple layer mask one will be even more effective. Peace of mind and enhanced protection is also provided with the antibacterial coated fabric which also helps prevent cross contamination each time you put the mask on and task it off.

The antibacterial coating on the layers means that the mask doesn’t need to be washed after every use as it is actually ‘self-cleaning’ due to the antibacterial coating…genious! In fact, you can wear it for up to seven days (for short periods), or 24 hours continuously before needing to wash it. Laboratory tests have shown that the masks’ antibacterial properties are still 99% effective for up to 50 washes.

In addition, the masks do not contain bleach, fluorescent agents or chemical additives, making them safer for human use as well as safer for the environment.

Save money and the environment

Not only are reusable face masks better for the environment, they also work out a lot cheaper than disposables. If worn for a few hours a day, for a week and then washed, the mask will last for a minimum of 350 days and cost around 3 p per day, as opposed to approximately £1 per day for a disposable mask. And at the end of its life, a nano-silicon face mask can be recycled; a disposable mask can’t. Reusable face masks are by far the better option for the environment and our pockets!

Brand your own Nano Silicon Face Mask

If you work for a well-known retail brand or simply want to promote your business, you can have your brand embroidered on the nano mask (minimum order quantities apply). So whether you purchase them plain, or brand them with your own logo for use by your staff or gifts for your clients, our nano-silicon branded face masks are a great choice. Available in sky blue or black and as a rectangle or 3D shape.

They are an essential alternative to disposable face masks that will help protect you, your colleagues, family and friends, but also help protect the environment from PPE litter.


Global Market Trends

Purchasing trends

There has been a big shift in purchasing trends for office supplies this year. In fact, it probably won’t be a great surprise when we tell you that hygiene products, signage and safety screens have risen to the top of companies’ priorities over the last few months. There was also a greater move towards ordering office home office desks, chairs and ergonomic supplies online to help create comfortable and safe working spaces for employees working from home.

With your business supplies provider, it’s great to know that during these challenging times they are able to supply a varied range of products including office stationery, print, signage, hygiene, PPE, furniture and catering items to name a few!

This means you will spend less time searching for items you need and have fewer invoices to process, saving you both time and money. Ordering from one trusted supplier during challenging trading times like these is important as supply can fluctuate. Centralising orders with one supplier is a sustainable purchasing move and will also help to simplify the delivery process.

Working from home

Of course, the most radical change in office work this year has been the move to working from home. Remote working has been the ‘new normal’ during the lockdown, and it has been so successful that companies are looking at downsizing and moving to smaller premises. This has brought about a shift in purchasing trends, and there has been a consequent surge in the need for equipment for the home office such as desks, chairs and technology. Office workers are adapting technology to remote working practices, and webcams and headsets have been trending products.

Keeping schools safe

The world of education has also had to adapt in order to get students back to school safely. Our education supplies are as popular as ever as the autumn term begins, but we have seen equally strong demand from schools for our COVID-19 essentials to help keep pupils, teachers and other staff safe. These include masks and visors, and floor stickers and signage to ensure pupils stay socially distanced, as well as hand-sanitising stations, protective screens and cleaning products.

Retailers are open

Retail is another sector that has seen major changes. Again, PPE products such as disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and visors have become a staple for small and large stores alike. Protective screens are an absolute necessity to protect staff and customers, as is social distancing signage and floor tape. These can be bought alongside the everyday essentials that are always needed by shops such as till rolls, carrier bags, cash bags, banknote checkers, etc.

One emerging purchasing trend that will continue is the shift towards eco-friendly products. The growing demand for companies to be more sustainable is not just in terms of using recycled paper – it is across their use of all products, from pens to cleaning supplies and face masks to furniture. That is why we label products available online that have eco-friendly credentials, making it easier for our customers to do the right thing. And as more products come on the market to meet the increase in demand, the more we will be able to help. Read more about sustainable purchasing here.

office worker mask after lockdown

Work smart, save money: 14 tips for reopening your office

If your business has been operating remotely but you are about to reopen the office, there is a lot to consider in order to get things ready to welcome back your staff. But just because these are extraordinary times that require additional measures to help keep your staff safe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be out of pocket. It’s worth changing your overall purchasing strategy to save money on office supplies. 

We’ve put together some tips on the best ways to work smart and save money. 

  1. Buy in bulk 

The greater the quantity of supplies you buy, the better the unit price you get, so it makes sense to buy in bulk as much as possible. This is an especially smart move when it comes to products you use on a daily basis such as paper towels, hand sanitiser, face masks, cleaning products, disposable cutlery, etc. 

  1. Negotiate split delivery 

If you want to take advantage of buying in bulk but don’t have the storage space, talk to your supplier about split delivery, which allows you to schedule part deliveries over separate dates. This means you can free up space for other things, and there’s less to unpack!

  1. Hold stock with your supplier 

Another way of taking advantage of bulk-buying cost savings is to talk to your supplier about storing products with them, even if it’s on a temporary basis to enable you to free up space in your office to help with social distancing. 

  1. Compare brands

In the same way that supermarket and generic brands of food can be just as good as branded products, it’s a good idea to shop around for non-branded office stationery and supplies. There are cheaper options available which offer the same quality as the more popular brands, as well as greater availability. 

  1. Save money by saving space

Create more space in the office by shredding old documents and storing archived documents more cheaply off-site. The extra space in your office can be used more smartly – for example, for providing social distancing, housing new sanitising stations or to reposition workstations.

  1. Monochrome 

Make sure everyone changes their default setting to print in black and white rather than colour. That way they will be less likely to accidentally print documents using the more expensive colour inkjet cartridges

  1. Change utility supplier 

You may well be spending less money on utilities while all your staff are working from home, but you could save even more than that by shopping around commercial utility suppliers for the best deals on water, gas and electricity. 

  1. Instant caffeine

Having a drinks machine will help save on the time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. A machine that dispenses coffee, tea and hot chocolate also ensures there are fewer touch points which makes it more hygienic, especially if you opt to have an antibacterial coating on the buttons. Even if you don’t, they’re easy to clean with antibacterial wipes. 

  1. Sustainable cups

Whether you have kettles or drinks machines, you can save money by issuing staff with reusable cups, which are also much better for the environment.

  1. Does your corporate credit card give you rewards? 

Make your credit card work for you in the form of cashback or points that you can turn into rewards. Banks such as Capital One offer a points-based reward system, whereas others like NatWest, Barclays and Santander offer a small percentage cashback on purchases. 

  1. Digital FM tracking 

Facilities management can be a headache, especially if you are managing it across multiple sites whilst working remotely. Using cloud based FM tracking software makes it a lot easier to manage your assets on one system, reducing the time and money you spend and simplifying supplier, asset management and reporting process. 

  1. Promotional gifts 

Impress clients and employees alike with practical promotional gifts that are reusable and sustainable, such as branded face masks, Antibac coated reusable water bottles or the ever-useful USB memory stick. And remember, the more you buy, the lower the unit cost. The more useful the gift, the more likely it is that your clients will use it, ensuring your logo is in sight for a long time. 

  1. Discount codes

Everybody loves a bargain, so why not give discount codes for your suppliers to pass on to their own clients. It’s a great way to enjoy new business that’s come directly to you, win win!

  1. Repair rather than replace

If something in your premises is damaged – such as a cracked sink or tile, damaged furniture, or scuffed UPVC window or door – don’t automatically replace it with a new one. A specialist repair company may be able to repair the damage far more quickly and cheaply than it would be to replace it – with the added bonus that repairs are far more environmentally friendly than replacements and can be carried out quickly as typically parts won’t need to be ordered in.

15. Discount Scheme

The last five months have been a difficult period for the economy and many businesses have had to adapt to the challenges that the new ‘normal’ has presented us with. During these difficult trading times, we wanted to find a way to help our customers gain new clients and save money so we have set up a discount page to help make savings within the Quills community.

If you’d like to be included in our discount directory page and possibly gain some new clients, simply email hello@quillsuk.co.uk to confirm the information we will require in addition to your logo.

How to safely wear a reusable face mask 

Wearing a face mask or face covering is an essential step to help stop the spread of Covid-19. However, it’s important to use masks safely and hygienically to prevent cross-contamination and ensure that you’re wearing a face mask that offers ultimate protection for your needs

When wearing a reusable face mask, there are some vital do’s and don’ts to consider before choosing and wearing a civilian face mask in public. Take a look at our handy infographic:

safely wear a reusable face mask

What face mask is right for me?

Now that wearing a face mask in shops, galleries, museums, hair salons and on public transport is compulsory, it’s important to choose a mask that is comfortable and offers complete protection. Surgical masks are for use in a surgical environment.  Fabric masks are suitable as a civilian mask for use in public places. 

Antibacterial Coated Masks

Our top picks for eco civilian face masks with enhanced protection is the Nano-Silicon Antimicrobial Mask.  It’s a reusable and eco-friendly face mask and provides enhanced protection due to its antimicrobial coating. Click here to find out more

Already have a disposable face mask? Check out our top tips for safely wearing a disposable face-covering here.