This is when hard copy documentation or digital data is removed to secure off-site premises. Data is moved into either deep storage when it does not need to be accessed regularly or active storage so it can be retrieved either in a physical or digital format.
If you receive a request for artwork, we are referring to the design files to enable us to set up your artwork for your desired document or promotional items. Typical formats include Illustrator, PDF or InDesign.
Biodegradation is the process in which materials are naturally decomposed by micro-organisms e.g. bacteria. Biodegradable products are not necessarily eco-friendly as they can last hundreds of years in the environment without ever breaking down.
Bagasse is a fibrous material made from recycled sugarcane. It is great for the environment because it is made from both a renewable and a waste product. This means fewer raw materials will need to be harvested and less waste is produced in the manufacturing process. It allows condensation to escape whilst still keeping in the heat which means it is great for use of takeaway food packaging.
Bamboo is a highly renewable and eco-friendly resource as well as naturally strong, hard and water-resistant. Products made from bamboo such as travel mugs and bottle lids can handle robust use without breaking.
The bleed is on the side of a document and shows where the printed area will be trimmed to. This will avoid any white strips appearing along the edge of your printed document. If you have colour going to the edge of your artwork, you would typically place the colour over the bleed slightly.
Carbon Footprint
The amount of greenhouse gas emissions created by a person, product or business. This is typically measured in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).
Certificate of Destruction
An official certificate that confirms the safe destruction of your data in compliance with European Standards and includes the date of destruction.
CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and these are the four key colours used for printing colour images.
Confidential Data
Personal identifiable data that an individual does not want anyone to obtain without permission. This could include a phone number, bank account details or passport number for example.
Crop Marks
Also referred to as ‘trim marks’, these are lines printed in the corners of your artwork and illustrate where to trim the paper.
This is a human-driven process in which a material will biodegrade under specific conditions such as a certain temperature. In order to be compostable, the product must biodegrade into nutrient-rich compost that can be used to grow plants.
CPLA (crystallised polylactic acid) is a stronger and heat resistant form of PLA. It is better suited for use with hot food and drink packaging such as hot cup lids. Its sturdiness also makes it great for disposables such as straws and cutlery.
‘DPI’ stands for Dots Per Inch and refers to the resolution of an image or the artwork. Any photos or illustrations sent for printing should be a minimum of 300 dpi. You can use lower dpi for web images.
DSE Survey
DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment and anyone who uses a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone for continious or near continious spells of an hour should have a DSE Survey carried out by an expert.
EDRM stands for the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and is a framework that outlines standards for the recovery and discovery of digital data. It can also mean the Electronic Discovery Reference Model Enterprise Digital Rights Management – a part of the security policy of Electronic Document and Records Management, however, this is a secondary and much newer term and is infrequently used outside the United States Electronic Document and Records Management – also known as EDRMS.
This is a term used to describe a product or process that is less damaging on the environment.
Finite Resources
Resources that cannot be replaced as quickly as they are used such as coal, crude oil and natural gas.
A font means the style that your text is written in and how this will appear visually on screen is dependent on the font style that you choose (sometimes referred to as ‘typeface’).
GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect on the 25th May 2018. It is a regulation that protects how an indiviudals data is stored. Any businesses found non-compliant may be subject to fines by the ICO.
Greenhouse Gas
A gas that traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere including water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane. Whilst we need greenhouse gases for life to exist, humans are adding too much gas into the atmosphere causing the planet’s temperature to rise and therefore, damaging the environment.
High yield
Cartridges are usually available in three different sizes: standard yield, high yield and extra high yield. The yield corresponds to the number of pages you are expected to print with a given cartridge. Swapping to a high yield cartridge can reduce both your costs and carbon footprint. Buying high yield means less packaging and shipping costs which in turn means less transportation required and less fuel wasted. Most high yields have an ‘XL’ after the cartridge part number which enables you to distinguish between standard and high yield cartridges.
We typically use this phrase when it comes to the ‘installation’ of furniture meaning that your furniture items will be built for you either by an indiviudal or team. We will also remove any packaging left over to be re-used or recycled.
Items that cannot be recycled are sent to landfill. These are sites where waste is disposed of by being buried underground. These sites can be very damaging to the environment as they may pollute the surrounding water and air.
The orientation of a page – horizontal.
Lead Time
The time taken between when an order is placed and delivered to the customer.
Leasing is a way to purchase your office furniture or equipment and spread the finance costs. Click here to see our leasing options.
Mobile Shredding
This is when the shredding is carried out on the customers site.
Minimum Order Quantity i.e. the minimum number of units you can order per product.
A specialist material used to create furniture that is different from materials that would occur naturally. Some benefits include toughness, resistance to dry heat and abrasion, water repellent and a non-reflective finish.
Off-site Shredding
Confidential data that is collected and securely transported to our shredding depot to be destroyed.
A standard industry cost for the set-up of specific printing equipment used to produce your artwork.
Pantone Colours
Pantone colours are colour codes that stand for a specific shade. These are typically used to ensure your brand colours are 100% accurate.
The orientation of a page – vertical.
Print Resolution
Typically the detail in a printed image. The higher the resolution, the higher quality the finished print will be. Similar to digital pixels which is the term used for digital resolution.
Promotional Merchandise
Products branded with a company logo or slogan.
PLA, short for polylactic acid, is an eco-friendly and compostable material made from plant-based materials such as corn starch. It looks and acts in the same way as oil-based plastic which makes it ideal for most packaging and disposable products.
A recycled item is one that can be recovered once thrown away and broken down into something else to make a new product. Common recyclable materials include paper, plastic and cardboard.
Replaceable Ink Pack Technology
An advanced piece of software that uses super-high-yield link supply units for printing up to 84,000 pages between ink charges.
RGB stands for Red Green and Blue and refers to a system for representing the colours used in a computer display.
Unlike recyclable products which are usually disposed of after single use and made into something new, reusable products are designed to last for years to come. Reusing products reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and also means less carbon and raw materials are required for new products.
Recycled Paper / Card
Recycled paper is paper that is reconstituted into paper again. Recycling paper reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill which in turn reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gases let off. Using recycled paper and card will ease the burden on forests around the world and help minimise the damaging effects of deforestation.
Tpyically shredding refers to the destruction of paper in a shredding machine. However, commerical shredding can also include the destruction of CDs, DVDs, hard drives, clothing, mobile phones, ID cards or security badges, faulty stock items, memory sticks or product prototypes.
Space Planning
Our interior specialists will use the latest software to provide you with accurate plans so that you can clearly see how your furniture will look in situ and more importantly how many of each item can fit into the space available. These plans will be used during installation to make sure each item is placed in the correct area. Plans can be set up in 2D or 3D.
Stock Level Reports
This a report detailing the quantity of each item held in stock for you.
Single use plastic
Single-use plastic, commonly known as disposable plastics are only used once before they are thrown away or recycled. This includes items such as plastic bags, straws and water bottles.
A feature that allows you to print a digital signature or custom text over your page. Watermarks can be printed in the top or bottom margins or across the page.