Indoor Office Plants

There are many different options available, from hanging bowl plants, free-standing indoor planters, desktop planters, cabinet top planters and living walls.

Workplace plants can also be used to section off walkways and other areas within the office without the need to build new partitions or walls.

Take a look below to view the options available from our plant team.

Indoor Office Plants
Indoor planters for Office

Indoor planters for Office

Our free-standing planter pots can be finished in any choice of RAL or Pantone colour so you can match them to your brand colours. A huge bonus of free standing planters is that they can easily be moved around your workplace when needed.

We have a large range of indoor office planters and plants available. Whether you prefer Snake Plants, Kentia Palm, Ferns or Dracaena (to name but a few), we are able to source the best plants for your space.

Our experts are on hand to help you to create the right atmosphere to suit your workplace and culture.

Desk Plants

Desktop plant displays are the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your internal workspace. Small touches like office plants can help to boost the health and wellbeing of your staff by reducing stress levels and absenteeism.

So, why not bring colour and nature into your workplace? With so many desk plants to choose from there is something to suit every taste. Some of the most popular choices are Devil’s Ivy, Aglaonema, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, Bromeliads and Cacti, with many other options available.

Cabinet Top Plants
Desk Plants

Cabinet Top Plants

Quills Interiors can supply your storage solutions with cabinet top planters! These are a great space-efficient way to incorporate plants in a location that would typically just collect clutter or dust!

If you already have your storage units, we can custom make the waterproof liners and supply the plants and aftercare. Cabinet top planters can be used to divide up open plan offices, giving a sense of privacy and a defined space.

Office Hanging Plants

Hanging bowl planters are a simple and cost-effective way to create a vertical visual barrier. They are a natural and attractive way to separate areas within your office or workplace.

These are perfect for smaller offices where the need to create separate spaces is required but more traditional solutions would not be viable.

They are also a fun way to add a splash of colour as a decorative feature against a wall or window.

Office Hanging Plants
Office Trough Planting

Built-in Office Trough Planting

Built-in trough planting is a stylish way to incorporate plants in and around seating areas, storage systems and other awkward corners and spaces.

The lush greenery helps to create snug spaces and create the illusion of more overall space, whilst reducing noise and providing health benefits.

We work with you to create your custom-built planting and offer an end-to-end service. We start with helping to design the planter bed, then supply the waterproof liners and plants and follow-up with ongoing plant maintainenance.

Indoor Tree Planters

Bespoke Planters: We can provide a waterproof liner to sit within a bespoke planter or joinery piece of furniture. These liners can be custom made to any shape and size to fit your internal tree planter.

Standard Planters: There are a range of different office tree planters available and we can find the right finish to suit your interior design or brand colours.

Tree Pits: These are typically concrete pits and we can provide waterproof liners for these. This is a great way to hide the root ball system of large atrium trees.

Indoor Tree Planters
Green Living Walls

Green Living Walls

We help bring life to your office or workplace with our stunning interior green living walls. The wall panels are installed fully planted for instant visual impact and our maintenance technicians are specially trained to care for living walls to keep them constantly looking their best.

Of course, not only does a living plant wall look impressive, it also improves air quality due to the density of planting.

Indoor Moss Walls

Indoor moss walls can be designed to fit any size and shape space within your office or workplace. They are created from moss which is sustainably grown and preserved using natural glycerine and dyes.

The versatile nature of indoor moss walls means that we can either create logos, or create any shape you require and add your logo onto this.

Preserved moss walls don’t require any maintenance, making them a more cost-effective option than a living green wall. Therefore Moss Walls are a great choice for areas that have little or no natural light.

Indoor Moss Walls
workplace fitout

Planning a workplace fit-out?

Incorporating indoor plants or trees to a new interior design project is the perfect time to get in touch so they are fully considered within your design scheme and plans. We can, of course, make recommendations to incorporate indoor plants or trees to your existing workspace too.

What’s Next?

Check out the three simple steps below or complete our enquiry form and a member of the team will get in touch.

Step 1

If you have design plans and have added where you’d like your indoor plants, send this over and we’ll provide an estimate or confirm the number of plants you would need, and across how many floors or sites.

Step 2

We’ll send over an estimate and if you are happy, one of our experts will do a site visit to assess what plants are right for your environment.

Step 3

As soon as the plants options are agreed, we will provide a quotation highlighting the rental or purchase and aftercare options. Once you are happy, we can then agree an installation date and you can then enjoy a healthy revitalised workplace with your maintenance team caring for your plants.

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