Our environmental journey began in 2008 with carbon offsetting through the World Land Trust (WLT).  2021 saw the launch of our Eco Rewards Scheme, learn more below.

Carbon offsetting makes a difference 

World Land Trust (WLT) works with local NGO partners around the world to save and protect critically threatened habitat for wildlife and has funded the purchase and protection of more than 2,409,420 acres of tropical forest.

WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme allows companies to offset their unavoidable emissions through the protection of forests and areas effected by deforestation, to prevent the release of CO₂ into the atmosphere, address climate change and at the same time secure habitat for wildlife.

Plant A Tree Programme

A Reward Scheme Helping Fight Climate Change

“Quills Support WLT’s Plant a Tree Programme”

In 2021 we launched our ‘Eco Reward Scheme’.  Reinforcing our commitment to the environment, Quills reward points can be used to support the WLT Plant a Tree programme (view video below).  This means Quills and our customers are committed to help fight climate change, protecting habitats and helping save species. So far, WLT has provided the funds to plant over 2 million trees across 5,930 acres. Learn more about our rewards scheme here.

Plant A Tree Programme

Start Restoring Forests

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to wildlife worldwide, and WLT works with its network of in-country conservation partners to protect crucial habitats from threats such as agriculture, road building and mining.

Carbon Paper Offsetting

Carbon emissions created through the production and delivery of your paper can be offset.  We work with the largest paper manufacturer in Europe and Forest Carbon to do this.  With your offsetting investment, Forest Carbon supports the creation of new woodlands in the UK.  Together, with their partners, they have planted over 7 million trees in woodlands independently audited and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code (this is the government backed standard that offers corporate partners complete assurance about the high quality of their carbon investment).


If you would like to discuss working with Quills and how we can support your environmental goals, simply complete the enquiry form below and a member of our green team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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