Document Archiving

When space is an issue, it’s year end or your business simply requires documentation to be securely stored, let one of our experts talk to you about our archiving and scanning solutions. Whether you’re looking for digital or physical storage or a mixture of both, we can provide a solution that’s tailored for you. 

We can help reduce costs and risks associated with information management for both your digital and hard copy formats.

If data is crucial to your business don’t leave it to chance by storing it in unsecure premises, choose a partner that you can trust with state-of-the-art records management centres, with 24/7 CCTV monitoring (365 days a year), solid business practices and transparent pricing structures.

If you’re in a contract and you’re concerned about ‘exit fees’,  don’t worry.  We can arrange to cover this with some free monthly storage built into your plan.

Document Archiving Solutions

Our Records Management Partner currently stores 2.4 million archive boxes, so you can be sure you’re are in safe hands working with the largest privately-owned records management company in the UK.

Our values are based on the right item, first time, on time, every time. It’s a simple practice that underpins all of our operational procedures.

Archived files are stored and managed in optimum conditions in purpose-built, state-of-the-art Records Management Centres across the UK.

Archiving will free up valuable floor space and increase legislative compliance, as well as form part of a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

Our Archiving Solutions

  • Storage of files and boxes
  • Storage of wills, deeds and original documents
  • Storage of digital media on hard drives, USB, DLT and DAT tapes, CD Rom and DVDs
  • Strictly controlled storage environment for digital media – durasteel vault, inergen gas fire protection, CCTV monitoring and controlled entry
  • Consultancy, including best practices, record management policies and retention policies
  • Secure confidential destruction
  • Special projects including inventory, purging, back scanning, filing audits, filing relocations and rationalisation
  • Nationwide coverage offering same day/next working day delivery

Deep Storage

Our deep storage solution is a cost-effective way to keep documents that are rarely, if ever, needed but must be kept for legal reasons. 

Delivery service levels

Order by 16:00 for delivery within two working days or scan back within 12 hours.

Business records

We provide a number of archival and retrieval services for business clients for safe storage, tracking and swift accessibility. 

Active Files

We can provide a complete storage and retrieval service for your active files and documents.  Our purpose-built, state of the art facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Files are stored on racking configured for ease of retrieval. During office hours, documents can be accessed, retrieved and delivered within two hours or by standard next day delivery.  Digital images can be downloaded or scanned even faster.

File Tracking 

Files are tracked using barcodes and innovative technology that manages document lifestyle from creation to secure destruction. Users can place requests online with an audit trail , real-time information and usage history.

Retrieval and Delivery

Archives are stored on purpose-built racking and barcoded for ease of retrieval. Records can be requested as a single file or entire archive box. 

Standard delivery service levels

  • Order by 17:00 for delivery next working day by 12:00
  • Order by 11:00 for delivery on the same working day by 17:00 
  • A 2-3 hour emergency retrieval service is also available

The above applies to London (within M25), Edinburgh , Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester

All other areas: 

  • Order by 17:00 for delivery next working day before 12:00 
  • A 2-3 hour emergency retrieval service is also available

For documentation in deep storage

  • Scanned documents will be emailed within 24 hours of request
  • Documentation will be delivered within 48 hours

For frequent deliveries

We are happy to provide a regular delivery and collection service for clients who use our services on a regular basis. 

File Tracking Solutions

We use two tracking solutions which can be integrated together:

  • Filetrack – provides location details and searching options to allow the user to locate documents quickly and request retrieval, view status and real time information, track their lifecycle from creation to secure destruction, and secure removal of physical documentation
  • Mailtrack – tracks documentation being couriered from our storage facilities to your mailroom, scanned at multiple locations to give a comprehensive audit trail

Digital Media

We can store and manage various types of digital media including hard drives, USB memory sticks, DLT tapes, DAT tapes, CD Rom and DVDs. All of which are stored under controlled environmental conditions within a Durasteel vault in accordance with the British Standard.

Digital media is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days per week and may be retrieved on an emergency 2 hour or standard next day or same day service. All forms of digital media are barcoded and tracked and traced via our hand-held devices which capture client’s signature on delivery/collection.

Document Scanning Service

Our specialised software will save you money on scanning and digital conversion costs whilst maintaining document access requirements. Our records management professionals will help reduce the time and costs associated with managing paper-based information by converting them to digital files and providing speedy access to these images.  

Alongside the traditional vehicle-based document storage and retrieval, our scan-on-demand and scan back services have the benefit of offering quicker, cheaper and greener access to your company information.

  • Eliminate the need for paper files
  • Enable access to documents in seconds
  • Reduce labour costs and increasing productivity
  • Improve business processes
  • Reduce paper usage
  • Save time, space and money

Document Scanning Process

The conversion of paper documents to digital documents is achieved using the following comprehensive process steps

  • Preparation – Removal of affixations, repairing bent corners and damaged pages
  • Scanning – Up to 10,000 images per hour at 300dpi, Black and White, Colour, Selective Colour, Duplex
  • Software Atomisation – Auto orientation, removal of blank images, OCR Data Extraction, form recognition, barcode detection
  • Image quality control – Manual check of every scanned image to ensure it is an exact representation of the source document
  • Indexing – Automatic and manual keying, extracting key Information from the document.
  • Image Delivery – SFTP, Encrypted HDD or Hosted 
  • File reconstitution (as required) – repair documents back to their original state
  • Archiving / secure destruction (as required) – following approval from customer all documents and images are securely destroyed

Scanning Options Include:

  • Scan-on-Demand – Documents stored on our premises are picked and scanned
  • Digital Mailroom – The conversion of inbound post to enable a company to work in a fully digital environment
  • Back file Scanning – Bulk conversion of existing paper documents
  • Book Scanning – Using a flatbed scanner thus removing the need to damage a document during the capture process
  • On-site Scanning – Set-up a medium capacity scanning environment at our client premises (when sensitive documents cannot leave the clients premises)
  • Large Format Scanning – Any document over an A3 size
  • Front-End Scanning – The scanning of documents prior to processing

Scanning Software & Equipment

Using a combination of Kodak I4850 High Volume Scanners, Kodak Capture Pro software and IBML Softtrac Capture Suite Software to enable them to produce in excess of 150,000 Images per day.  Kodak and IBML are leading providers within the high-volume document scanning sector, with the capabilities of their products and our robust operational processes allow us to offer market leading solutions.

We offer a free consultation to help you choose the right solution for your business. Following a consultation a free of charge ‘Proof of Concept’ would be created, which involves processing a handful documents.

Scan-on-Demand Service

Once we received a ‘scan request’ by email, we will locate and scan your documents normally within 4 hours and forward them to you via:

  • Secure email
  • Secure FTP site
  • RS Web – a secure, free, online portal
  • Informu management system

Volume Project Scanning

Volume scanning can range from a few thousand to several million pages. Each project is priced individually due to the different process/indexing of each type. We would be happy to discuss this via telephone or email or visit a client site to look at the requirement(s) and provide a specific project related quotation. 

RPJ Online Retrieval Software – (Optional Service)

RPJ Online is our secure, fully managed, online document management software. Accessed by registered users only with secure login details. These include a password and 2 digits from a 6 digit security number. 

All images are encrypted in the software, and can be viewed 24/7 from any PC with internet access. Once online the users can view, print, email, download, upload, and scan new documents to the system, as well as adding notes to let colleagues know if they have spoken to a client about certain documents. The servers are backed up several times each day. 

You can have group security and folder security put in place on a per user basis. There are no large upfront software costs, for RPJ Online, or any software set up costs. You also receive 10 GB of initial server space, which is enough for up to 400,000 A4 B/W scanned pages. There are also no annual support charges.

Digital Media

We can provide electronic storage of documentation on a variety of digital media including USB memory sticks, hard drives, CD Rom, DVDs, DLT tapes or DAT tapes.


Digital media is stored in durasteel vaults which are strong, impact resistant and durable, and have exceptional fire resistance.

Access to the vaults is controlled electronically and additional security is provided by an alarm system and CCTV.  It is also backed up by an Inergen gas system which is a quick and efficient fire suppression system that extinguishes flames by reducing oxygen levels in the affected area with minimal damage to objects.

For additional security when transporting digital media, we have lockable tape transit cases for sale or to hire.


All archive material is transported in vans with extra security measures fitted as standard such as alarms, immobilisers, trackers and fire extinguishers. All vehicles are monitored by GPS tracking, enabling us to plan the most effective routes.

Drivers have hands-free mobiles in their vehicles enabling them to inform us of any delays. We will then immediately inform you and keep you up-to-date with renewed delivery times.

Systems & Technology

We use a variety of hardware and software products to help improve our services, including:

  • Specialist records management software that automates functions including document and file management, monitoring, reporting, and invoicing
  • Mobile software connecting field staff to access the database and enabling you to track deliveries in real time, print receipts etc
  • Data entry software enabling us to create custom forms, control user access, and order scans and deliveries
  • Image software allowing you to manipulate scanned images to make documents clearer

Managing Your Data on the Cloud

Our cloud management solution is secure software that bridges the cloud archive with your onsite technology to link the systems and ensure they work together in real time.

Storage Environment

Our modular storage racking is designed and constructed to enable the safe storage of your archives whatever your requirements.

By using barcode labelling technology, with additional colour checks, we can quickly identify the location of archival material with pinpoint accuracy, enabling its speedy retrieval wherever it is stored.

Durasteel Vault

For business critical documentation such as deeds, wills and back-up tapes, we have custom-built vaults. Our durasteel vault is made from non-combustible, fibre reinforced, concrete bonded by steel sheets which provides strength, impact resistance, durability and exceptional fire resistance.


When transferring archival documentation from your premises to our storage facilities, it is crucial that the operation goes smoothly. Our experienced team will ensure the efficient relocation of your archive materials thanks to our…

  • dedicated manager
  • free relocation
  • choice of active and deep storage
  • full retrieval service
  • box content audit available for additional fee
  • regular reporting

Security & Fire Protection Measures

All record centres are modern buildings constructed to the highest specification. 

To ensure that your items are safe at all times we have the following security measures in place as standard.

  • Peri meter fencing – around the entirety of all sites. All sites are standalone buildings with sole occupancy.
  • Single gated entrance locked at all times – Monitors the access of authorized staff and visitors.
  • Visitors signed in and escorted at all times – Prior to site visits, visitors & contractors are requested to complete visitor entry forms.
  • Access control – All doors leading to the records centres and admin areas.
  • Security lighting – Lighting external areas to enable CCTV to record.
  • Internal and external colour CCTV cameras for 24 hour surveillance recorded to a digital video recorder – digital recorder is located in a secure area and holds recordings for 30 days.
  • NACOSS approved and maintained intruder alarms with GSM Redcare – Intruder alarms are monitored 24/7 by a monitoring station. The monitoring station has written procedures in place in the event of any type of activation, for both security and fire alarms.
  • Overnight patrols – Random time inspections of the exterior of the building. These are outside normal working hours.
  • Police & Key Holder response – Intruder activations are alerted to the police and key holders by the monitoring station.

We have the following fire protection measures in place as standard

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) smoke detectors – This system constantly samples the air conditions within the archive. Should any changes occur it sends a warning to the operations team with a zonal reference listing any potential concern.
  • Zonal monitoring systems linked to Redcare – Alerts Key holders and the emergency services
  • Zonal sprinkler system – Should the sprinkler system be required as a last resort, it would only be activated in the area of the fire. This avoids jeopardising the entire archive. Our pumps are tested weekly to ensure that they are fully functional.
  • Inergen gas protected areas – used in our Durasteel vaults which are sealed environment used for business critical documents such as deeds, wills and computer back–up tapes. Should a fire ignite within the vault the Inergen gas is released and reduces oxygen levels to eliminate the fire.
  • Fire Extinguishers – Throughout document storage facility.
  • Fire Training – Fire marshals on site that have been trained in the use of fire extinguishers.
  • No Smoking Policy – Smoking is prohibited at all of our premises.

Throughout our facilities we monitor the humidity at all times by the use of Tiny Tags. Tiny Tags read the humidity every 30 seconds which is recorded in the form of a graph (available on request).  

Staff Vetted

Comprehensive vetting and reference procedures in place. This includes full documented inductions covering security and confidentiality procedures.

Visitors Policy 

This includes visitors surrendering phones and cameras at entry and registering their vehicle details.


We use our own vehicles to service our clients throughout the UK and our tracking technology ensures you will always know where your files are at any given time. 

All delivery vans are equipped with hands free telephones, enabling drivers to contact you should they be delayed and all vehicles are covered by the Waste Carriers License.

Depending on the importance and urgency of your materials, deliveries and collections can be directed to the loading bay, reception or your desk. 

  • Central locking, alarm and immobiliser
  • Masternaut tracking software
  • Road hawk front facing dash cameras
  • Fire extinguishers

We monitor all of our vehicles via Masternaut software, which allows us to see live GPS web tracks of the vehicles. This means we can carry out effective route planning and use of our vehicles and is a further commitment to the environment. 

All drivers are our own employees, vetted to BS7858:2012 and wear corporate uniform and display I.D. badges.


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Document archiving is the safe, long-term storage of original hard-copy documents in either Deep Storage or Active Storage. Typically, an archived document can be returned to the owner within 24-48 hours. Documents can also be scanned and archived, removing the need to keep hard copies, with retrieval via a digital portal.

Create and log individual document and storage box references in an archive inventory. Our storage boxes are both ‘bar’ and ‘colour’ coded to provide quick identification and retrieval from Active or Deep storage.

Yes. Your documents can be scanned and emailed back to you or you can have access to a database to retrieve documents if you have had these scanned into the system and therefore document access is instant.

Deep storage is cheaper than active storage but has a slightly longer lead time for document retrieval which is typically within 24 hrs if the documents have been scanned or 48 hrs for delivery. Active files can be delivered as quickly as 2-3 hrs.

Digital archiving provides rapid access to your information, in just a matter of hours. An optional online portal allows scanned documents to be viewed directly, with instant access.