Environmental & Energy Saving Tips

Paper usage

  • Paper is usually the greatest waste in the office, try and use digital formats for writing notes and sending communications.
  • Think before you print. Add this to your email auto-signatures as a reminder to everyone.
  • If it has to be printed, print double-sided where possible.
  • Request online invoices and order products online.
  • Re-use envelopes for internal communication.
  • Cancel publications and consider reducing your junk mail with the Mailing Preference Service.
  • Send out an email campaign to all staff boasting the benefits of recycling and word it in such a way that your employees will respect the businesses behavioural changes and support it.


  • Run a ‘Switch & Save’ campaign:
  1. Make sure all electrical equipment is turned off when you leave the office in particular.
  2. Turn the lights off rather than waiting for the cleaner to do this after they have left.
  3. Turn off PCs at the end of the day.
  • Investigate taking all, or a percentage of your energy from renewable sources or ‘green tariffs’.
  • Choose energy efficient products – look for labels such as the EU Energy label.
  • Manage heating and cooling with timers and sensor controls and correct rather than overriding.
  • Turn off heating in empty rooms, making sure they are well ventilated.
  • Set a gap or ‘dead band’ between heating and air conditioning control temperatures of about five degrees to avoid them operating at the same time.


  • Buy products with high recycled material content where possible.
  • Recycle your office furniture by using local council schemes or please call 0845 078 0324 investigate the costs to recycle to assist with your environmental targets.
  • Install different bins so that waste can be separated into plastics, paper and card, food waste and general waste.
  • Recycle your toner cartridges via Quills.
  • Recycle your batteries via Quills.
  • Get rid of personal bins at desks and encourage staff to use bins which allow for separated waste.
  • Organise a ‘Recycling Awareness Day’ for your employees and customers to engage in, promote your campaign via social media and even start your own hashtags!
  • Purchase refillable pens via Quills to reduce plastic waste through stationery usage.

Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Home-working.
  • Car sharing.
  • Encouraging the use of public  transport and provide incentives to do so (i.e. interest-free loans for public transport season tickets).

Reducing water

  • Look into reducing the amount of water used when flushing toilets.
  • Fit controllers on urinals systems to ensure that cisterns flush only during office hours. If refurbishing, consider waterless urinals and push-button taps.
  • Report leaks & drips for fixing.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a greener business.