Commercial Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Quills offers comprehensive Cleaning & Hygiene Services to enable you to take the preventative measures required to protect your employees, clients and visitors and help to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs within the workplace. Employers and business owners have a duty of care to their employees to maintain and implement high standards when it comes to cleanliness within the workplace. With industry accreditations to CHAS and Safe Contractor, our highly trained teams are also DBS checked and will work with you to plan and produce a schedule of regular commercial cleaning or a one-off anti-bacterial deep clean, or both if required. We can also carry out a highly effective antibacterial surface treatment to provide enhanced long-term protection to handles, surfaces, tech equipment and key high traffic touchpoints.  The specialist coating is guaranteed to last for 5 years or up to 2 years on high traffic locations.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning plays a vital part in maintaining a healthy working environment and is an essential component to the Health and Safety measures taken by businesses to look after their employees. Professional cleaning will ensure that high traffic areas such as meeting rooms, offices, toilets and reception areas are sanitised regularly, reducing the risk of disease and infection in the workplace. Our highly experienced teams carry out risk assessments before undertaking any new work and will look to use environmentally friendly products which will help reduce the impact on the environment but give excellent cleaning results too. Working to your specifications, cleaning options include office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and hard floor cleaning and commercial deep cleaning.

Commercial Antibacterial Deep Cleaning

It is recommended that commercial premises such as offices, gyms, supermarkets, restaurants, retail and industrial premises and educational establishments carry out an antibacterial sanitisation deep clean at least twice a year. Deep cleaning serves to decontaminate and remove any source of infection and disinfect the area from top to bottom. Certified to BS Standard ISO-9001, our professional deep cleaning specialists use a highly effective and independently certified anti-bacterial cleaner which kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Carried out by technicians in personal protective equipment (PPE), it is suitable for hard areas and surfaces such as tables, desks, cupboards, walls, hard floors, carpets and upholstery. Cleaning can be arranged out of office hours to suit you and your business.

Antimicrobial Surface Coating

If you’d like to simply wipe your high traffic areas with warm water but still be bacteria and virus free why not try our antimicrobial surface coating solution.  The beauty of this product is that is lasts for 12 months on high traffic areas and for the lifetime of the item on other surfaces.  This solution helps to reduce cross contamination as bacteria and virus can’t survive on the treated surface keeping employees and visitors safe.

The solution is professionally applied by our technicians to your chosen high traffic area which can include handles, chairs, tables, school playground equipment, hand rails, lift buttons, tech screens etc.

Our product has undergone viral testing to ISO 21702:2019 standards and has shown to effectively reduce TGEV-Coronavirus strain by 99.8% in 8 hours.  Extensive bacterial testing has also been carried out which has shown to effectively reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% within 24 hours.

Click on the button below to book a FREE APT test.  We’ll take a swab reading on your chosen surfaces and confirm the current RLU reading before and after the treatment has been applied – you’ll be amazed by the results.

Antibacterial door handles

Providing an extra layer of hygiene, our antibacterial door handle covers and door push plates are an easy way to protect employees, customers and clients. Available in universal sizes, they are easily fitted to many different door handle styles and use silver ion technology to kill germs and reduce the spread of disease. They have been tested and proven to be 99.9% effective against common flu viruses and bacteria including the H1N1 virus which has very similar properties as the Covid-19 virus. This is a simple way to safeguard the health and safety of the people in your building

Legionella Water Testing

It is essential that buildings and estates carry out regular maintenance of their water systems in order to protect residents, workers, visitors and customers and prevent the occurrence of Legionella and other water borne bacteria. Our competitively priced water hygiene service offers a full and thorough monitoring and management of your building’s water system and we can also arrange Legionella risk assessments, water system disinfections, water sampling and microbiological analysis reports as required.

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