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We believe in changing the way the washroom services sector approaches sustainability and importantly, deals with its hygiene waste. Our commitment is to ensure hygiene waste never goes to landfill which in turn helps our clients run their facilities sustainably.

Maintaining washrooms can often involve alot more than we realise. Truth be told, there are many items that need to be serviced and installed to ensure these facilities run smoothly, the environment needs to smell good and we need to do our bit for the environment too.

Zero sanitary waste to landfill

Sanitary products cause more than 200,000 tonnes of waste a year and with landfill space rapidly running out, businesses are facing increasingly higher costs for sending waste to landfill.

Our hygiene waste is never sent to landfill, instead it is sent to disposal sites that specialise in producing Energy from Waste (EfW).  The waste is then turned into renewable energy, and any residual waste from the EfW process is used as an aggregate in the construction industry.

We love that absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

Hygiene waste services

We understand the need for discretion and can schedule hygiene waste collections at a time that suits your business, including outside of working hours if this is preferred. Antimicrobial liners are used in our feminine hygiene units which significantly reduces bacterial growth and combats odours – the bins are cleaned and the liners are changed and you decide how often you would like us to collect.

As an additional green bonus, our feminine hygiene units are recyclable at the end of their working lives.

Energy-efficient hand dryers

The hand dryers of today are much more efficient, user-friendly, and feature options for optimizing energy use and sound levels. Why not consider switching your current hand dryers for energy-efficient ones? Apart from them being the greener option, they can also help your business save money by reducing your energy usage. The cost is typically between £13 to £32 per year to run and we can install your chosen hand dryers and service them too.

Reducing your water usage

Reducing your water usage can have a massive impact on the environment and reduce your water bills too. In your companies washroom, we can install green technology that will help your business save water without having to compromise on the hygiene or performance of your washroom. Sensaflush and Autoflush units will help you reduce water consumption by up to 90%. If  your premises are vacant, such as at weekends, over the Christmas break or during any office closures, the units will automatically flush every 12 hours, which will keep your water system flowing. This is important because stagnant water can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as legionella (which is the cause of the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease).

Air quality and ventilation

We all know the importance of having fresh air in the washroom. However, if your WC doesn’t have access to outside ventilation or it’s too cold to keep the windows open, installing an air cleaner may be the solution for your business. Covid-19 has shown us the importance of good ventilation.  By installing air purification systems in your washroom and in other parts the building – you will be able to control odours as well as destroy bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. This is done through a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, improving the air quality by ensuring it is clean and hygienic.  What’s more, this process will be happening 24/7, not just when you remember to open a window.  There are various air cleaners available and we will discuss the right solution for your premises.

Working across an extensive range of sectors

We understand every sector has its own unique set of challenges and demands. So whether it’s the drive to run a sustainable and cost-effective commercial office, the importance of infection control and air quality management in healthcare environments; or delivering a discreet and reactive service that can meet the rigorous demands of a busy gym or spa; washrooms can be a challenge.

It’s this understanding and our commitment to delivering high service levels in an environmentally responsible way, that sets us apart from our competitors.

Why use our Quills Washroom Services

✔ Independent and family owned

✔ 100% service delivery

✔ All staff are security checked

✔ High standards are maintained through Quality Service team

✔ Zero waste to landfill

✔ A circular economy approach to all our waste streams

✔ Transparent reporting with proof of service

✔ Driving sustainability through carbon offset programmes

✔ Products that deliver on our environmental pledge

✔ Experience of working with all industry sectors from commercial offices, healthcare hospitality, sports venues

✔ Bespoke services tailored to our client’s needs for frequency and also the look and feel of the equipment on site. We appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all.

✔ Full COVID protocols to ensure the highest level of hygiene control.

✔ Consistently driving innovation to ensure our clients are experiencing the best service within the washroom sector

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