Waste Management

Secure data destruction is a priority for all businesses and even more so with the General Data Protection (GDPR) and landfill tax costs. You may have also wondered how much it costs your organisation when one of your team is shredding a box of unwanted documents. It’s probably a lot more than you think. Why pay skilled employees to shred when they could be generating revenue for your business.

We offer waste management solutions that can be tailored to suit your business for the present and the future.

Quills offer a number of  solutions for your waste management and recycling and we can provide an audit to review your existing solutions and make recommendations to compliment your existing processes.

If you require a quotation or further information on waste management or recycling.

Learn more about Quills Secure Data Destruction Service. 

Features of our service include:
  • Waste management services for clinical, hazardous, hygiene, food, paper, plastic, steel, toner ink cartridges and general waste
  • Commercial Waste Management and Recycling
  • Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Secure shredding on or off-site
  • Shredding bags and or lockable cabinets
  • Certificate of destruction
  • One-off paper shredding service
  • Regular secure disposal
  • GDPR compliant
  • IS09001 & BS EN15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management

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Recycling Facts

In the UK alone, we use over half a million tonnes of metal packaging and nearly 2 million tonnes of glass packaging per year. Thanks to your efforts, a lot is being recycled but there’s still a lot more to do at home or in the office.

Currently, we recycle an estimated:

  • 75% of steel packaging;
  • 60% of glass packaging; and
  • 55% of aluminium packaging.


Fact: If everyone in the UK was able to recycle just one more drinks can, it would save enough energy to power an electric train from Leeds to Brighton (and back) 6,000 times.

Food tins

If we recycled all the steel we use in a year, it would save enough energy to make nearly 135,000 return electric train journeys between London and Edinburgh.

Glass bottles 

Fact: If everyone in the UK recycled all the glass we use, it would save enough energy to chill 56 bottles of wine each day for every UK household.


Fact: If everyone recycled one more jar, it would save enough energy to put the dishwasher on in every household in the UK.

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