Waste Management

Quills offer a number of  solutions for your waste management and recycling. Our audit will cover your existing solution and we will propose a new or additional services to compliment your existing processes.

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Our service includes:

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Recycling Facts

In the UK alone, we use over half a million tonnes of metal packaging and nearly 2 million tonnes of glass packaging per year. Thanks to your efforts, a lot is being recycled but there’s still a lot more to do at home or in the office.

Currently, we recycle an estimated:

  • 75% of steel packaging;
  • 60% of glass packaging; and
  • 55% of aluminium packaging.


Fact: If everyone in the UK was able to recycle just one more drinks can, it would save enough energy to power an electric train from Leeds to Brighton (and back) 6,000 times.

Food tins

If we recycled all the steel we use in a year, it would save enough energy to make nearly 135,000 return electric train journeys between London and Edinburgh.

Glass bottles 

Fact: If everyone in the UK recycled all the glass we use, it would save enough energy to chill 56 bottles of wine each day for every UK household.


Fact: If everyone recycled one more jar, it would save enough energy to put the dishwasher on in every household in the UK.

Our Environmental News

Quills Group UK Environment

Carbon Balanced 2014 – 2015

Quills offset carbon emissions produced from the general operation of the business via the World Land Trust. This means our CO2 emissions are calculated and then offset by funds given to the World Land Trust charity. The Carbon Balanced funds are used to protect tropical forests under imminent threat of deforestation and to restore degraded […]

Quills choose renewable energy from OVO

Quills are pleased to confirm that we are now purchasing 100% renewable energy from OVO Energy as part of our ‘environmental journey’. For every unit of renewable electricity that we buy, OVO Energy purchases one back that’s 100% renewable and comes with Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. Nowadays we’re all using 20% […]

Recycle Week 2016

Proud supporters of Recycle Week