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Introducing Antimicrobial Safe Wrap Solutions

Whether it’s a handrail in school, a door handle within a hospital or a shopping trolley handle in a supermarket, high traffic surfaces present a huge cross-contamination risk. In this instance antimicrobial means the product provides a surface where bacteria and viruses can’t survive.  Safe wraps provide a long term hygiene solution which is designed to keep your staff and customers safe. Not only are the safe wraps easy to apply, but they also use silver ion antimicrobial technology which is proven to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. The product has also been independently tested verifying the efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 76%, Human Coronavirus 229E 99.97% and bacteria 99.99%.  UK manufactured.

How do safe wraps provide protection? 

The surface is a highly durable film that contains Silver Ion technology. The silver ions are used to attack microbe DNA and weaken its biological makeup which will prevent its ability to reproduce and multiply into dangerous pathogens.

  • Reduces viral load of HCoV-229E by up to 99.87% 
  • Reduces viral load of SARS-CoV-2 by up to 76%
  • Kills germs – reduces microbial growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%
  • Easy install – industry leading self-adhesive backing for easy install and removal
  • Easy to clean – simply see the cleaning manual
  • Four layers of durable materials offering long term protection
  • Operating temperature range -40 °C to +90 °C
  • UV will have no effect on the desired life span if the products (1 year)
  • Suitable for inside and outside as the product is waterproof and the self-adhesive is weather resistant

Keep customers & staff safe in retail settings

Deep cleaning isn’t always possible when you have a constant flow of customers who keep touching basket handles, trolley handles or changing room door handles. Introducing the antimicrobial touchpoint wraps as a standard practice will minimise cleaning requirements, help your business become more sustainable and create an overall safer environment for everyone. Did you know that 73% of shopping trolleys tested positive for faecal bacteria and 50% tested positive for E.coli? Not only will the introduction of safe wrap stickers help reduce transmission through trolley and basket handles, they are also extremely easy to install with industry-leading self-adhesive backing.

Minimise cross-contamination in schools & educational environments

Unfortunately, school classrooms and other communal educational environments are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses which quickly spread amongst pupils, staff and then onto family members. Frequently touched surfaces including playground equipment, exit buttons, door handles and other shared surfaces create the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive on. Antimicrobial touchpoint wraps are key to minimise this transmission and provide good hygiene practices. As well as being quick and easy to install, they also provide up to 12 months of protection when applied so this is a great sustainable choice.

Work out safely in gyms & leisure centres

Many of us are eager to get back to the gym to exercise and do the activities we love best but in reality, the effects of the pandemic have left a lot of people feeling anxious and worried about going back into close, shared indoor spaces. Make your guests and members feel safe by surrounding them in a hygienic environment with visible antimicrobial touchpoint wraps on the frequently touched surfaces such as turnstiles, door handles, changing room and toilet door handles, entry/exit switches and more.

Improve hand hygiene regimes in hospitals & healthcare settings

Even with everyone’s best efforts to clean regularly, it’s not viable for that to be regular enough in such busy and essential environments such as hospitals, GPs, care homes and more.  This is where safe touch wraps are an ideal solution which provide a long term hygiene solution and peace of mind.  Improve hand hygiene instantly with safe touch antimicrobial wraps and keep patients and key workers safe by protecting high traffic touchpoints like door handles, lift buttons, handrails and more against bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 for 12 months. The industry leading self adhesive backing means that the handle wraps are quick and easy to install and help deliver better hygiene standards on a daily basis.

Hygiene solutions for a safer workspace

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