We’re committed to helping our customers to find solutions to sustainable purchasing by providing expertise on products and services which will help you reach your CSR targets.

Take a look below to see how working with Quills can help your business.

Eco Swap

What is Eco Swap?

We will provide an ‘eco alternative’ option (where available) for the items used the most within your business.  Pricing will be provided for these items and we can update your online portal to kick start your green purchasing.  This can be carried out at your next review or sooner if required.

Reduced CO2Sourcing Products & Combining Deliveries

Quills can provide a sourcing service and combine this delivery with your office supplies order (depending on the size of the goods).

Battery Recycling

Battery recycling

We can collect your 6V, D, C, AA, AAA and 9V batteries. Simply pop the batteries into the recycling box and let us know when its full.  We will then arrange for one of our drivers to collect them from you.

Toner RecyclingToner Recycling

We can collect your used toner and ink cartridges. Simply pop them in any box (ideally 10 units) and we’ll collect these from you when we deliver your next order.  Alternatively, our recycling partner will collect them directly from you. 100% of the proceeds raised will go to our charity partner.

Secure Print

Secure Printing

By using the secure print feature means you have to enter a PIN number before your document will print.  Documents won’t be left unattended at the printer and therefore GDPR data protection is adhered to and you’ll reduce the need to re-print if you’ve forgotten that you had pressed print.

Eco Print

Eco Print

Replaceable Ink Pack Systems (RIPS) technology is a super high yield ink supply unit enabling you to print up to 84,000 pages between ink changes.  RIPS technology uses 96% less energy than a laser printer and 92% less Co2 emissions than laser printers.  New printers are also more energy efficient.

Tech Recycling

Tech recycling and much more…

Businesses still have many items that need to be recycled to ensure they don’t go to landfill. We can arrange the recycling of your phones, hard drives, CDs, paper and many other items.

Helping our customers do more…

We want to help our customers meet their environmental targets so feel free to get in touch to discuss sustainable purchasing and environmental solutions to help you do just that.  Coming Soon…Eco Corporate Programmes – further details to follow very soon!

Our commitment to sustainable working and purchasing…

  • To support our customers with their environmental and sustainability targets
  • Double the number of environmental and accredited products by 2021
  • To continue to use UK suppliers when the products can be sourced locally
  • NEW Eco Swap Programme – to encourage and raise awareness of the eco product alternatives available to our customers
  • To collect our customers used ink cartridges for recycling and 100% of proceeds go to charity
  • To collect our customer batteries for recycling.  Request a free box
  • To operate our business ensuring we minimise our environmental impact
  • To operate our fleet ensuring the most efficient routes are mapped out minimising our carbon emissions
  • Combining ‘special request orders’ to be delivered with your office supplies order
  • To continue to offset our necessary operational carbon emissions
  • Eco symbols from our catalogue and what they mean are explained on this page.