Sustainable Purchasing Solutions

We’re committed to helping our clients find sustainable purchasing solutions and implementing eco initiatives within the workplace.  Take a look below to see how Quills can support your environmental and CSR journey.  We also have a dedicated Eco Product page with over 8,000 workplace essentials to make purchasing eco items a breeze.

What is Eco Swap?

If you’re ready to move over to more sustainable purchasing, we can provide ‘eco alternative’ products and pricing for you.  Once agreed, we then set these items up as favourites on your ‘Quick List’ area for easy ordering.

Sourcing Products & Combining Deliveries

Quills carefully route plan to ensure the shortest and most efficient routes and combine non standard items can be delivered in a single delivery with your office supplies orders unless there are size restrictions.

Secure Printing

By using the secure print feature means you have to enter a PIN number before your documents are printed.  This helps to minimise repeat printing scenarios and documents are only seen by the person printing them. Learn more here.

Eco Print

Replaceable Ink Pack Systems (RIPS) are super high yield ink supply units, providing up to 84,000 pages between ink changes and they use 96% less energy than a laser printer.  Heat free printing is an environmental print solution too.

Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling

Request a free box to start recycling your 6V, D, C, AA, AAA and 9V batteries.  Once the box is full, email or call 03450 682 572 to arrange a collection (allow 7-10 days for your collection). View our video guide  and safety storage poster here.

Toner RecyclingToner Recycling

When you purchase toner cartridges through Quills we can collect and send these to be recyceld.  These can also be sent back to the manufacturer who will arrange to collect these from you.  Email us to arrange a collection or click here to return to the manufacturer.

Tech recycling and much more…

Businesses still have many items that need to be recycled to ensure they don’t go to landfill. We can arrange the recycling of your phones, hard drives, CDs, paper and many other items. Learn more here.

Helping our customers do more…

We want to help our customers meet their environmental targets so feel free to get in touch to discuss sustainable purchasing and environmental solutions.  Learn more about our Eco Rewards Programmes here and view our dedicated eco supplies page here.

Our commitment to sustainable working and purchasing…

  • To support our customers with their environmental and sustainability targets
  • Increase our environmental and accredited products by 5% Y.O.Y. (in 2022 there were 5,779 SKUs, as of May 2023 there are 8,042)
  • Dedicated eco products page to make purchasing eco items simple
  • Eco Swap Programme – to encourage and raise awareness of the eco product alternatives available
  • To collect our customers used ink cartridges for recycling or provide manufacturer details to return direct where applicable
  • To continue to use UK suppliers when the products can be sourced locally
  • To promote customer battery recycling with free boxes and collections
  • To work with suppliers who are fully committed to working positively to protect the environment
  • To operate our business ensuring we minimise our environmental impact
  • To operate our fleet ensuring the most efficient routes are mapped out minimising our carbon emissions
  • Combining ‘special request orders’ to be delivered with your office supplies order
  • To continue to offset our necessary operational carbon emissions
  • Display eco symbols within our catalogue and their meanings are explained on this page.
  • To proactively raise awareness of sustsainable purchasing solutions and products

Talk to our Green Team

To discover how easy recycling in the workplace can be or if you would like some more information on one of our Environmental Solutions, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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