Essential Elements for a Modern Office Kitchen

In the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace, the office kitchen serves as a sanctuary – a space where colleagues converge, ideas flow, and bonds are forged over a cup of coffee or a quick snack. As the epicentre of workplace culture, the office kitchen plays a pivotal role in fostering productivity, well-being, and connectivity among employees. Elevating this space with essential amenities not only enhances the overall experience but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable work environment. Take a look below at the must-have elements that can transform your office kitchen into a haven of convenience and comfort.

  1. Cereal: Kick-starting the day with a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for productivity. A cereal dispenser stocked with a variety of wholesome options caters to diverse dietary preferences and ensures that employees have a convenient and nourishing option to fuel their mornings.
  2. State-of-the-Art Coffee Machines: Coffee – the elixir of productivity. Investing in high-quality coffee machines ensures that employees can brew their favourite espresso, latte, or cappuccino to kick away the morning grogginess or power through an afternoon slump. Additionally, offering a selection of coffee blends caters to different tastes, from bold and robust to smooth and mellow.
  3. Healthy Snack Alternatives: Gone are the days of mindless munching on sugary treats. A well-stocked selection of healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, and rice cakes provides employees with nutritious options to keep energy levels stable throughout the day. These snacks not only satisfy cravings but also contribute to the overall well-being of your employees.
  4. Fresh Fruit Basket: Nature’s bounty in the form of fresh fruits adds a burst of colour and vitality to the office kitchen. From crisp apples to succulent oranges and juicy berries, a fruit basket brimming with seasonal delights offers employees a refreshing and vitamin-rich snack alternative.
  5. Herbal Teas for Wellness: For those seeking a caffeine-free alternative or a soothing beverage to unwind, herbal teas are the perfect choice. Stocking a variety of herbal teas, such as chamomile, peppermint, and green tea, not only promotes relaxation but also supports overall health and hydration.
  6. Biscuits for a Sweet Treat: While promoting healthy options is essential, occasional indulgence is also necessary. A selection of biscuits or cookies adds a touch of sweetness to the office kitchen, perfect for a mid-afternoon treat or to accompany a hot beverage during meetings.
  7. Recycling Facilities: In alignment with eco-conscious practices, integrating recycling facilities within the office kitchen encourages responsible waste management. Clearly labelled bins for paper, plastics, coffee pods and organic waste promote recycling habits among employees, contributing to a more sustainable workplace environment.
  8. Convenience Appliances: Equipping the office kitchen with convenience appliances such as an air fryer and microwave enhances meal options for employees. Whether reheating leftovers or preparing a quick lunch, these appliances offer convenience and versatility, saving time and effort during busy workdays.
  9. Dishwasher for Hassle-Free Cleanup: A dishwasher streamlines the cleanup process, making it effortless for employees to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment. Encouraging the use of reusable dishes and utensils over disposable alternatives reduces waste and promotes sustainability.
  10. Hydration Station with Filtered Water: Staying hydrated is paramount for optimal performance and well-being. A hydration station equipped with a reliable water filtration system ensures access to clean and refreshing water throughout the workday. Encouraging employees to refill their water bottles promotes hydration habits and supports overall health, enhancing focus, concentration, and productivity. Additionally, providing reusable water bottles or glassware reduces reliance on single-use plastic bottles, contributing to a more sustainable workplace environment.

In conclusion, the modern office kitchen is more than just a space for refuelling – it’s a reflection of a workplace culture, values, and employee wellbeing. By incorporating these essential elements, from nutritious snacks to sustainability initiatives, employers can create an inviting and functional space that fosters collaboration, productivity, and overall happiness among their workforce.

Three essentials every new business owner will need


The moment your new business finally gets up and running can feel incredibly exciting, particularly if you have lots of plans that you’re eager to put into action. Of course, having big aspirations for a new company can also mean encountering hurdles, particularly in your first year of navigating the business landscape.

If you’re in the process of starting up a new business, you’ll be keen to ensure a smooth transition navigating the business landscape. Want to ensure that the launch of your new business goes as smoothly as possible? If the answer is yes, read on for three essential components that are key to a successful start-up venture.


An inspiring, functional office space

It can be hard to get into that motivational mindset if your office isn’t inspiring or equipped to promote progression, but by investing in your workspace, you can make it a place that both you and your colleagues will love to be in. Use warm, vibrant colours in collaborative spaces to help your employees get their creative juices flowing, and subtle neutrals in your personal office space to promote a sense of calm and allow for mental clarity. Incorporating office plants into your space is also a great way to add some pops of colour in addition to their health benefits.

When you start your renovations, it’s worth future-proofing your office space for growth. I’ts more more cost-effective to get everything done with one installation charge and this also ensures that the range you chose won’t be discontinued in the future  and ensure everything matches and ties in nicely.

Of course, your office needs to be functional, too. New business owners should make sure they have ample storage space to securely file important documents, as well as plenty of room for meetings and breakout spaces, and don’t forget to include extras like charging points, hot water taps and vending machines. You’ll also want to ensure that you also have the latest technology in place on employee laptops, including video call software like MS Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

A professional website

Your website is essentially the face of your business, and first impressions count. It’s important to make sure that your website looks professional, and is well-developed with functionality in mind. Ensure contact forms are built-in and look to connect any leads straight into your chosen CRM.

Your website is also the ideal place to showcase team talent. This is key for new business leaders looking to make their mark and gain the trust of potential clients, investors and future employees.

To boost your website’s performance, you’ll want to think about your on-page content and ensure this is SEO-enhanced. To do this, you can reach out to a local marketing agency whose creative writing team will be on hand to help ensure your site has the right keywords built-in. Similarly, you may want to devote some time to developing your online presence in other areas, such as  social media to encourage more traffic to your site.

A determined team

There’s no business without people, and while you’ve come a long way in getting your company set up, it’ll be hard to move forward and truly progress without the support of a committed team behind you, particularly if you’re looking to expand quickly.

It can take some time to get the right group of people together, and when you’re first starting out, it can be hard to know exactly who your company needs, and what gaps they need to fill. For this reason, any business start-up should focus on hiring professionals who are motivated and determined to create something that will last – people who see and understand the company vision, and are committed to undertaking the hard work needed to get there.

A successful future in business

Those who have made it far enough to start their own business are likely to already have a good idea of exactly what they need to take their company to the next level. Plus, the essentials you’ll need will usually become clearer as you navigate your first year or so of business, identifying any gaps and areas for improvement along the way.

With the help of a functional space, industry-standard equipment, a little creative marketing and a motivated team, you have plenty to get you set up and working towards a successful future in business.

Streamline Your Operations: 6 Key Benefits of Partnering with a Business Supplies Provider

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficient procurement of business supplies and services is important for organizations to thrive. While online giants may seem like an easy choice for purchasing, there are distinct advantages to partnering with a dedicated business supplies provider for B2B customers.  

Business Supplies Provider

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of collaborating with a business supplies provider, highlighting sustainable purchasing practices, dedicated account management, site-specific reporting, eco reporting, seamless returns and additional services they may offer. By leveraging these advantages, businesses can establish a trusted partnership that enhances their operations and drives success. 

Sustainable Purchasing

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, choosing a business supplies provider committed to sustainability offers significant benefits. Unlike generic online platforms, business supplies providers often prioritize eco-friendly products, providing customers with access to a diverse range of sustainable options. From recycled paper and energy-efficient office equipment to environmentally-friendly packaging, these providers align with businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.



Dedicated Account Management

Partnering with a business supplies provider offers the advantage of dedicated account management. Rather than being just another customer on a massive e-commerce platform, businesses can benefit from support and assistance. Account managers familiarize themselves with the unique needs and preferences of each client, ensuring seamless ordering processes, proactive communication, and tailored solutions. This individualised approach strengthens relationships and streamlines procurement, saving businesses valuable time and money.

Reporting by Site, Cost Centre & Environmental Products

Effective expense management is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Business supplies providers offer the advantage of detailed reporting capabilities, allowing organisations to track spend by site and cost center. This level of visibility empowers businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities, streamline budgets, and make informed decisions regarding their purchasing strategies. The ability to analyze spending patterns at a granular level enhances financial control and supports overall operational efficiency. Reporting can also be provided on the environmental content of products purchased.

Simplified Returns Managed by the Supplier

Returns and exchanges are an inevitable part of procurement, but they don’t have to be a hassle. When working with a business supplies provider, managing returns becomes simple and efficient. These providers typically offer streamlined returns processes, managing the logistics and documentation on behalf of the customer. By alleviating the burden of the return process, businesses can focus on their core operations whilst enjoying a hassle-free experience.


Additional Business and Workplace Services

Beyond the realm of stationery and supplies, business supplies providers often extend their offerings to include a wide range of additional services. These services can span from facilities management solutions, office furniture, to design and print services to name a few. By consolidating various business needs under a single provider, companies can benefit from integrated solutions, reduced vendor management complexity, reduced invoices to process and enhanced convenience. Moreover, the more services a business utilises from the provider, the better pricing they can negotiate, making the partnership even more cost-effective.


Trusted Partner of Choice

Ultimately, by choosing a business supplies provider, organisations establish a trusted partner of choice. Unlike impersonal online transactions, these providers strive to build long-term relationships with their clients. Through exceptional service, reliability, and a deep understanding of their customers’ needs, they become trusted advisors, contributing to the long-term success of their partners. The provider’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction creates a mutually beneficial relationship that transcends a mere transactional exchange.


When it comes to procuring stationery and business supplies for B2B customers, partnering with a business supplies provider yields numerous advantages over opting for generic online platforms. From sustainable purchasing practices and dedicated account management to comprehensive reporting and seamless returns, these providers offer tailored solutions that enhance operational efficiency and convenience. By choosing a trusted partner, businesses unlock a host of additional services and establish a collaborative relationship built on mutual success.

If you feel its time to review your business supplies provider as  you aren’t enjoying the above service, click here to learn more.

8 Reasons why to implement an Archiving strategy

In today’s digital world we’re all striving to create a paperless workplace, but it can prove challenging.  Introducing a document management process is a great way to start removing those pesky papers and documents!  Whether your workplace is looking to build a Data Management policy, have a clutter free office or reduce floor space premiums, we’re going to show you 8 reasons why implementing a document archiving strategy could be a great step to take.

We push data to the cloud, google drives, one drives, so why not store your archiving documents in a secure document retrieval system for safe keeping and instant access?

All documents are vulnerable to being destroyed, lost or corrupted (if digital), either maliciously, be accident, or by a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire.  With electronic documents these can be compromsed by security threats.  

Take a look at 8 reasons why archiving is a positive step to introduce in your workplace.


When you receive a request for data you can confidently confirm the delivery time frames when you have a document management system in place.  Documents are indexed and given an individual identification code.  Documents are then boxed up and sent for storage in a secure warehouse and are then ready to be retrieved when a request is submitted for either the physical documents or digital copies.  


Documents can be located with ease and you can have them securely delivered to your office or digitally within set time frames.


Once you have decluttered and organised your off-site archiving you will have more space to future proof for growth or possibly downsize.


If you have a considerable amount of space now available and over multiple floors it might be possible to consider downsizing which will save your business money.


Implementing an digital archiving strategy can form part of your journey to reduce the need for paper onsite and helps you adhere to data protection regulations. You will also remove the possibility of losing data due to natural disasters from water or fire when its in a digital format. Shredding onsite is also possible with the use of a mobile shredding truck which can shred up to 3 tonnes of paper an hour and can also securely destroy IT equipment and media (compliant to EN15713 standard).


A scan-back service is a greener alternative to traditional vehicle based document retrieval. The scan-back service offers digital access to documents, which will help reduce labour costs and increase productivity and of course less Co2 emissions.  The steps include logging into a portal to view your documents, you identify and request your files (searching using index numbers and other metadata) and the provider locates your documents to scan and return it the same day.  A scan on demand service also provides a full audit trail to show who has interacted with a document, when and its delivery status. You can also add in restrictions to who can access certain documents for added levels of security.


A certificate of destruction is provided for any records that are shredded after a scanning project if the hard copies are no longer required or when documents are no longer required to be stored.  


No more storing your files in a cupboard!  With a records management provider your files are secure from the start.  Collection and delivery is via lorries fitted with security trackers and documents are then scanned in and held within state-of-the-art, purpose built, storage premises which are climate controlled, with 24/7 security and CCTV in place for peace of mind. Don’t forget to check your provider has records management acreditations including ISO27001 (compliance for information security) and ISO9001 (compliance for quality management systems) as a minimum.

If your business would like to discuss implementing a Records Management System for your workplace, click here. 


Quills Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In addition to the Queens Jubilee Anniversary, Quills has a celebration of its own, as the business celebrates 25 years of trading this June 2022.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane for those of you that don’t know the Quills story and how the business began.

Quills was started by Managing Director Andy Efstathiou at the tender age of 22 working in his parent’s front room in Surrey in 1997.  He recalls working at the dining room table with a telephone, fax machine and a pad and pen.  These humble beginnings then lead onto Andy making a small office in his parent garage, then moving into small business premises in West Croydon, then onto a business park in South Croydon and finally onto Spitfire Business Park in Croydon where the business resides today.

On this journey Andy’s best friend Adam Benbow joined the team and additional family members came onboard to support the entrepreneur. Sales Director Tom Davinson joined Quills over 15 years ago and is still with company today, along with Adam who is now the Operations Director.

Many changes have happened over the years since the business started out selling business supplies back in 1997.  The goal had always been to provide more services to ensure Quills could grow and be a trusted purchasing partner for its clients.  Quills Group, Office Solutions became the new trading name as the solutions and service offering grew to include:-

  • Furniture & Fit Out’s
  • Facilities Management
  • Managed Print Services
  • Cleaning & Hygiene Services
  • Shredding, Recycling and Waste Management
  • Print & Design
  • Branded Promotional Gifts & Event Supplies
  • PPE Supplies
  • Coffee & Beverage Solutions
  • Archiving

During the last decade, Quills growth strategy saw the business complete 7 acquisitions where the internal team pulled together to ensure data, employee transfers and the customer journey was as smooth as possible.  Take a look at the acquisition timeline below.

  1. December 2021 – Control Office Supplies
  2. October 2019 – UOE
  3. January 2019 – Evolution Office Supplies
  4. May 2018 – William West
  5. February 2017 – Rebel Office Supplies
  6. October 2016 – Business Essentials
  7. July 2011 – Codex Southern Ltd

When asked what the next 5 years will hold for Quills, Managing Director Andy Efstathiou said “We will continue our focus on products and services that do not have a negative impact on the environment to support our customers with their sustainability targets. We’ve also seen our Facilities Management division expand over the last two years and we will continue to focus in this area and ensure we have great response times and an even wider network of experts to support our clients with their maintenance needs throughout the year. We hope to continue our growth, ensuring customers are aware of our additional services and we will continue to streamline our IT infrastructure.  Supporting our employees work life balance will also continue and we will be raising further awareness on our rewards programme where we can help our clients to support their local community or our environmental Plant a Tree programme.

After a challenging two years we are now looking forward to the future and seeing more employees return to the workplace.”



Greener washroom services that are a breath of fresh air!

Not many of us think about what’s required to keep a washroom functioning and ensure we don’t go running for the hills after entering. Truth be told, there are many items that need to be serviced to ensure these facilities run smoothly. When numerous people are using the facilities on a daily basis, it’s vital that key items are serviced regularly and ensure that the place smells great too!

If you believe the only green link with washrooms is the colour you go whenever you think about them, it’s time to think again!

One topic which is being talked about more openly is waste management, although probably not hygiene waste. Quills love finding sustainable solutions for our clients to help them with their environmental commitments so we can’t wait to tell you more. Take a look below.

Zero sanitary waste to landfill

We agree, this is an unpleasant topic but, this isn’t a time to be squeamish. Sadly, sanitary products cause more than 200,000 tonnes of waste a year. And when it comes to nappies, it’s estimated that in the UK, around three billion disposable nappies end up in landfill every year. Yuck! What’s worse is that sanitary products and disposable nappies will take more than 500 years to decompose. This means we could make a huge impact on the environment by choosing a provider who doesn’t send sanitary waste to landfill.

This is exactly what happens with Quills’ washroom services and sustainable solutions. Here’s how it works.

We’ll collect your sanitary waste on a regular basis and at a time that suits your business – if doing this outside of working hours is preferred this is not a problem. We’ll clean the sanitary bins and change the liners. We use antimicrobial liners in our feminine hygiene units which significantly reduce bacterial growth and combat odours. The waste is then taken away to plants specialising in Energy from Waste (EfW). The waste is then turned into renewable energy, and any residual waste from the EfW process is used as an aggregate in the construction industry. Absolutely nothing goes to landfill, which we love!

And as an additional green bonus, our feminine hygiene units are recyclable at the end of their working lives.

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your company more sustainable and you’d like to discuss greener solutions for workplace hygiene waste management and washroom services, send us an enquiry or give us a call on 0845 078 0324.

Zero Sanitary Waste

Energy efficient hand dryers

If you haven’t done so already, why not consider switching to energy-efficient hand dryers? This will help save your business money and reduce your energy usage too. Depending on the size of the unit and frequency of use, we have dryers that typically cost between £13 to £32 per year to run. We can install your chosen hand dryers and we can service them too.

Energy Efficient Hand Dryers

Reducing your water usage

We tend to think that because it rains so much in the UK, we don’t have to worry about saving water. But the sad fact is that climate change is having a massive impact on our water supply. Our summers are becoming hotter and drier, which will result in water shortages at certain times of the year, especially in the south which is more densely populated. By doing whatever you can to save water, you’ll not only reduce your water bills, you’ll also be helping to ensure every business and every person has access to enough clean water for their needs all year round.

In your company’s washrooms, you can install technology that will help your business save water without having to compromise on hygiene. Our Sensaflush and Autoflush units will help you reduce water consumption by up to 90%. And when your premises are vacant, such as at weekends, over the Christmas break or – and we really hope it won’t come to this – during another lockdown, the units will automatically flush every 12 hours, which will keep your water system flowing. This is important because stagnant water can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria such as Legionella (which is the cause of the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease).

Air quality and ventilation

Without being too graphic, we all know the importance of having fresh air in the washroom! However, many washrooms have no access to an outside wall for ventilation and even if there is a window that can be opened, you probably won’t want them open in the winter. To help avoid wasting energy in the winter through heat loss, you can consider installing Air Cleaners. Covid-19 has shown us the importance of ventilation. By installing air purification systems in your washroom and in other parts of the building – you’ll control odours as well as destroying bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. This is done through a process called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). UVGI uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, improving the air quality by ensuring it is clean and hygienic. What’s more, this process will be happening 24/7, not just when you remember to open a window.

Air quality and ventilation

Even our journeys are greener

Saving petrol plays a key part in making our services more sustainable. That’s why we use route-planning software to plot the most fuel-efficient routes. We also have fuel analytic technology fitted in our service fleet which helps us to optimise our fuel consumption even further.

If you’d like to find out more about making your company washrooms greener and cleaner, feel free to get in touch.

Quills Group Acquires Control Office Supplies


We are pleased to announce that Quills Group has acquired Control Office Supplies effective from 1st December 2021.

Quills Managing Director, Andy Efstathiou, has known the Directors of Control Office Supplies for over 15 years and was delighted to be able to reach an agreement to acquire the business.  Employees will also move across to Quills which will ensure a smooth transition and continuity for customers.

Quills has an enhanced service offering which means COS customers will be able to utilise a live chat service, a larger customer services team, dedicated specials department and additional work place services. These services include Facilities Management, Cleaning & Hygiene, Waste Management, Recycling, Shredding, Print, Copier & Printer Solutions, Branded Gifts and Workwear.

Andy Efstathiou said: “Control Office Supplies and Quills share the same customer-focused attitude as well as common platforms in online technology, national distribution network and many of the same suppliers.  Our aim is to provide a seamless transition after 1st December where customers will continue to use the Control Office webstore, have access to the same staff and then next year we will look to migrate customers onto our Quills webstore which is the same software currently being used.  I’m delighted to welcome the Control Office Supplies employees who have joined us as part of the growing Quills family and I look forward to our journey ahead for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.”

Control Office Supplies Directors Matt and Christy said “We have known Quills for many years and we are confident that they will continue to provide the high service level and personal approach of Control Office Supplies. With many of the Control staff joining Quills we are pleased we can continue the existing relationships with all of our clients. Along with the additional services and solutions we can now offer under Quills, we feel this is a positive opportunity for the future”.

branded goods for outdoor enterntaining

Branded goods for outdoor entertaining

With lockdown restrictions easing and the warmer weather on its way, we’re all looking forward to the outdoor dining and socialising that’s scheduled to return on 12th April. Obviously social distancing rules need to be followed, but there’s no reason why you can’t combine keeping your diners and drinkers as safe as possible whilst still making sure your brand stands out.

Over the past year, the British public has become used to socialising outdoors. Most of us are quite happy to put on an extra jumper or fleece if it means we can spend more time with friends but we would like to be sheltered from unpredictable British weather! Now is the time to boost your brand and offer your customers warmth and protection to encourage them to book in advance and more importantly encourage them to stay for longer at your premises … plus showcasing your brand is always a good move!

Branded goods for outdoor entertaining white parasols

What’s more, the expectation that the excitement of being able to eat out with friends again will surely lead to an upsurge in selfies posted on social media channels. Imagine how great these images will look with your branding in the photos which in turn could increase your footfall once they have been viewed by hundreds of people who have liked and shared the post! It’s also a great photo opportunity for your website and social channels once your branded umbrellas, crowd divides and some nice outdoor heating is in situ.

Branded barriers / dividers

Barriers and dividers are a great way to direct traffic and keep customers distanced from each other. Our fabric barrier panels are mounted on steel frames, are discreet and stylish and give you the flexibility to easily move them to wherever you need them. So, as we leave lockdown and are allowed to socialise with more people, you can create designated areas according to your needs.

branded dividers for pubs and restaurants

Branded Gazebos

Whatever size of gazebo you need, we can brand them for you. Whether it’s a 3m x 3m version to provide a small table of diners with shelter from the wind and rain as they eat, or one that’s double the width for larger tables or to support an event with your company products on display , a gazebo will continue to be useful long after the pandemic is over. They are strong and sturdy, and are easy to put up, take down and store, so you’ll get great future value for money from them by putting them to use at festivals or parties, or just to shelter customers who enjoy being in the fresh air.

branded gazebos for open-air restaurants and pubs

Branded Parasols

Outdoor tables always benefit from parasols to shade your customers from the heat of the sun as well as giving them enough protection to stay where they are if there’s a mini shower! They offer the perfect opportunity for branding, whether you’re delivering a luxurious dining experience or a colourful and cheerful one. Having individual storm umbrellas available to lend to customers if it begins to rain and they’re not quite underneath the parasol is also a nice touch. This could make the difference between your diners going home early or staying on to order pudding and another drink.

branded parasol from Quills Group

Antimicrobial face masks

Create a good impression on your customers by providing employees with quality branded antimicrobial face masks. They are washable without losing their antimicrobial qualities and will help protect your staff from possible exposure to the viruses and bacteria. More attractive than disposable masks as well as being the more sustainable and responsible choice.

AeraMax Pro for Dental Surgeries

AeraMax® Pro 2 Air Purifier - Wall Mount

AeraMax® Pro 2 Air Purifier – Wall Mount

Air Quality

Air quality has always been a concern for dental surgeries, but during the pandemic it is a vital element in helping surgeries to open and operate safely. Ventilating treatment rooms through opening the windows can be effective, but in the winter months is not a practical or a pleasant option. Many surgeries get around this by installing air purifiers like the AeraMax Pro, which has the advantage of being fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filters as they are more commonly known. The air purifier can be seamlessly integrated into the workplace and is key for rooms with no windows where it is not recommended to carry out applications which require the use of aerosol equipment.

Government guidelines are clear that ventilation reduces the possibility of aerosol transmission: “increasing the occupancy of a space increases the probability of airborne transmission by four-fold. Exposure risk may be further increased if distances between people are reduced to <2m.” Unsurprisingly, the recommendation is: “Ventilation should be integral to the COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for all multi-occupant public buildings and workplaces.”

Dental surgeries are particularly at risk because, in addition to proximity, out of necessity, the procedures use high velocity air and water streams that create aerosol droplets leading to an even higher risk of respiratory transmission.

Post procedures that generate aerosols, the government has recommended that dental surgeries have a downtime of between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the amount of ventilation there is which affects how many air changes there are per hour (ACH). This will clearly have an impact on the number of patients a dental practice is able to treat and can cause a frustrating backlog of patients needing an appointment.

Air purifiers

Government guidance into COVID-19 infection prevention and control suggests that: “Recirculating air cleaning devices with HEPA filter systems or UV-C are likely to be effective,” concluding that the: “addition of recirculating air cleaning devices could enhance the effective air change rate. Devices should be correctly sized and the impacts on the room air flows considered. The effectiveness of air cleaning devices will depend on the flow rate of the device, the efficiency of air cleaning and the size of the room.”

AeraMax® Pro 3 Air Purifier - Wall Mount

AeraMax® Pro 3 Air Purifier – Wall Mount

HEPA filters are recommended because they can remove 99.97% of air pollutants, which includes germs, bacteria, allergens, pollen and mould. The AeraMax Pro range uses extra thick filters in a four-stage filtration process that includes an antimicrobial layer to trap bacteria and take it out of circulation.

In addition, the AeraMax has laser sensors which monitor the air quality, as well as sensors that not only detect when people are in the room but also how many people there are, using this information to automatically adjust its efficiency and increase ACH. As soon as anyone is in the room, the device adjusts the speed of the fans to improve circulation, and when the room is empty, it will go into sleep mode to save energy.

AeraMax® Pro 4 Air Purifier - Wall Mount

AeraMax® Pro 4 Air Purifier – Wall Mount

In cleaning particles from the air, purifiers have the additional advantage of reducing colds and flu, as well as the symptoms of sick building syndrome, all of which can potentially result in reduced productivity and staff absenteeism.

If opening windows is an impractical way of ventilating your dental surgery, opticians or healthcare practice, either because of the cold or proximity to a busy road, create a cleaner, safer, less noisy working environment by installing air purifiers.

For more information, to shop the Aeramax Pro range or receive a free quote, please click here. You can also get in touch at or via live chat.

aeramax air purifier for corporate industry

Air Purifier – AeraMax Pro

An AeraMax Pro with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can remove 99.97% of air pollutants which includes germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollen and mould.

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors within shared spaces like the workplace, schools, healthcare environments and many other public places. Even before the outbreak of Coronavirus, the quality of the air indoors was a worry for many, and with good reason – indoor air is estimated to be around five times more polluted than outdoor air. This makes it imperative for companies to improve the air quality in order to protect the health of employees, teachers, students and visitors; especially in buildings with air conditioning and sealed windows.

Why AeraMax Pro Air Purifier?

We understand the need to use face masks during the pandemic to help block particles and quite frankly, the more layers the better! The AeraMax Pro has a four-stage filtration process which includes a carbon layer to capture and neutralise odours, and an antimicrobial layer that traps bacteria and fungi, therefore taking them out of circulation.

The Pro has extra thick filters, making it suitable for commercial environments. Intelligent sensors detect when and how many people are in the room and will adjust its efficiency accordingly. High grade laser sensors monitor the air quality as it enters and leaves the purifier.

When people are in the room, each unit will automatically adjust fan speeds to control the air quality. When the room is unoccupied, units will go into sleep mod

Air purifiers and COVID-19

The Coronavirus is an airborne virus transmitted on small particles which are inhaled, enabling it to spread. Researchers have discovered that it can linger in the atmosphere for up to three hours after emission. Government guidance focuses on the importance of ventilation in the fight against the coronavirus: “Ventilation should be integral to the COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for all multi occupant public buildings and workplaces”. Recommending that companies: “take appropriate actions to improve ventilation and deal with health and comfort related consequences such as providing adequate heating.” In the winter months, it is clearly impractical to expect staff to work with the windows wide open which is why an air purifier like the AeraMax Pro is such a useful weapon in the fight against infection. However, it must be used alongside other hygiene measures such as social distancing, hand washing, antimicrobial surface coatings, protective sneeze screens etc.

Sick building syndrome

Inadequate ventilation may also lead to what is known as ‘sick building syndrome’ – a generic term which covers discomfort and the feeling of being unwell. People report symptoms such as throat irritation, nausea, headaches, mental fatigue, and dry skin. One of the possible causes, according to the HSE, is “air pollution including airborne organic matter”. An air purifier can help reduce the symptoms of sick building syndrome.

Aeramax pro air purifier in hospital


By improving the air quality of your business premises, you can improve productivity at the same time as reducing absenteeism. This has made the AeraMax Pro popular with organisations such as schools, healthcare facilities, dentists, vets, laboratories, as well as offices, shops, theme parks and gyms.