aeramax air purifier

Air Purifier – AeraMax Pro

An AeraMax Pro with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can remove 99.97% of air pollutants which includes germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollen and mould.

On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors within shared spaces like the workplace, schools, healthcare environments and many other public places. Even before the outbreak of Coronavirus, the quality of the air indoors was a worry for many, and with good reason – indoor air is estimated to be around five times more polluted than outdoor air. This makes it imperative for companies to improve the air quality in order to protect the health of employees, teachers, students and visitors; especially in buildings with air conditioning and sealed windows.

Why AeraMax Pro Air Purifier?

We understand the need to use face masks during the pandemic to help block particles and quite frankly, the more layers the better! The AeraMax Pro has a four-stage filtration process which includes a carbon layer to capture and neutralise odours, and an antimicrobial layer that traps bacteria and fungi, therefore taking them out of circulation.

The Pro has extra thick filters, making it suitable for commercial environments. Intelligent sensors detect when and how many people are in the room and will adjust its efficiency accordingly. High grade laser sensors monitor the air quality as it enters and leaves the purifier.

When people are in the room, each unit will automatically adjust fan speeds to control the air quality. When the room is unoccupied, units will go into sleep mod

Air purifiers and COVID-19

The Coronavirus is an airborne virus transmitted on small particles which are inhaled, enabling it to spread. Researchers have discovered that it can linger in the atmosphere for up to three hours after emission. Government guidance focuses on the importance of ventilation in the fight against the coronavirus: “Ventilation should be integral to the COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for all multi occupant public buildings and workplaces”. Recommending that companies: “take appropriate actions to improve ventilation and deal with health and comfort related consequences such as providing adequate heating.” In the winter months, it is clearly impractical to expect staff to work with the windows wide open which is why an air purifier like the AeraMax Pro is such a useful weapon in the fight against infection. However, it must be used alongside other hygiene measures such as social distancing, hand washing, antimicrobial surface coatings, protective sneeze screens etc.

Sick building syndrome

Inadequate ventilation may also lead to what is known as ‘sick building syndrome’ – a generic term which covers discomfort and the feeling of being unwell. People report symptoms such as throat irritation, nausea, headaches, mental fatigue, and dry skin. One of the possible causes, according to the HSE, is “air pollution including airborne organic matter”. An air purifier can help reduce the symptoms of sick building syndrome.

Aeramax pro air purifier in hospital


By improving the air quality of your business premises, you can improve productivity at the same time as reducing absenteeism. This has made the AeraMax Pro popular with organisations such as schools, healthcare facilities, dentists, vets, laboratories, as well as offices, shops, theme parks and gyms.

winter maintenance work

Are your premises ready for Winter?

With many office workers working from home, and with the Christmas break on its way, this is a great time to carry out minor repairs and maintenance work. At our repair service, Restoreo, we are a bit like BBC 1’s Repair Shop but we come to you to breathe new life into your damaged items.

When it comes to the exterior of your premises, it’s always a good idea to fix minor repairs before the arrival of the bad weather, as it is likely that wind, rain and freezing temperatures will aggravate scratches, dents and chips and turn them into bigger problems. It’s these bigger problems that may become more expensive and time consuming to fix. It’s always best to fix issues as soon as they arise rather than waiting for the problem to get bigger, when it’s more likely that you’ll need to replace rather than simply repair which is more cost effective, takes less time and is a more environmentally choice too…repair rather than replace.

Domestic or commercial – it can all be repaired

Doors and window frames – even UPVC can get damaged, but it is possible to repair minor scratches and chips increasing the lifespan of the material and avoiding having to replace the door or windows for longer. Choosing to repair will also be the cost effective and a faster solution too as there will be no measuring to do or waiting for custom parts to be made and delivered.

Sinks and baths – chips and scratches to ceramic sinks and baths can be repaired, providing less disruption and minimising the need to remove whole units which may cause even more damage to the surrounding area.  You’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved.

Wood – whether it’s a worktop, floor, desk, door or bannisters, if it’s made of wood it will inevitably get chipped and scratched in time. Once again, the easy solution is a quick repair to stop the damage getting worse and minimise disruption that can’t be avoided when a whole area or item needs to be replaced.

Stone, granite, marble, quartz – damage to floors, worktops and exterior stonework not only spoils the look, it can also provide dirt with somewhere to hide making cleaning more difficult. When the damage is outside, you also run the risk of further deterioration because of frost and ice.

Bricks and sandstone – any damage to bricks and sandstone needs to be dealt with as soon as possible as the material is more likely to crumble and decay, especially on exterior surfaces. Colour matching is easy with our state of the art technology.

Paint – chipped paint doesn’t create a great first impression for clients or for your own properties curb appeal and it allows the elements to damage the wood or metal underneath.

We can Restoreo anything!

Our minor repairs services are carried out by specialist trained technicians from  Restoreo Repairs which is part of the Quills Group. With a combined 30 years of expertise,  Restoreo technicians have repaired a wide range of surfaces, such as wood, granite, stone, porcelain, ceramics, steel, glass and even UPVC, making them as good as new and increasing their lifespan.

When it comes to paint and respraying, technicians use laser colour matching to duplicate the original pigmentation, and will painstakingly paint the same surface patterns and designs to ensure the repair location blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. Click here to watch our expert technicians in action.

Antimicrobial surfacing

This year, Restoreo has understandably been busy with antimicrobial surface coating services. Make sure that any minor repairs you carry out are completed with antimicrobial protection, especially in commercial, educational and healthcare premises. An antimicrobial surface coating will kill 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours. It has also been shown to kill 99.8% of TGEV-Coronavirus within eight hours. As it will last a year even on high traffic areas such as door handles, it’s an essential part of keeping your premises COVID-secure, and the cleaning process is also reduced as aftercare is simply warm water with a microfibre cloth.

Please contact us to discuss any minor repairs you have in the workplace or home, or if you would like to enquire about antimicrobial surfacing coating for your premises.

Lifting spirits this Christmas

Whatever the government decides about what we are and aren’t allowed to do this Christmas, as far as we’re concerned, it’s definitely still on! In fact, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge the contribution of clients and the hard work of your staff as we come to the end of this extraordinarily difficult year.

As the effects of the pandemic drag on, the likelihood of everyone in your company being able to let your hair down at an office party is pretty much zero. Nor will you be able to take your favourite clients out for a slap-up lunch to thank them for their custom. So why not use the entertainment budget to send everyone a treat that will help boost morale, raise a smile, and make them feel appreciated.

This year we have a huge range of cards, gifts and hampers that you can brand and personalise, so you can bring some cheer in these challenging times.

Christmas cards

It’s time to organise the Christmas cards that your company will send out this year, and we have a lot for you to choose from. Whether you want fun cards with colourful cartoons, beautiful designs featuring traditional or modern winter scenes, or want to go upmarket with lots of gold, we can help.

Click here to see our Christmas Cards 2020 brochure.

Christmas gifts

When you go to the trouble of branding a gift, you want it to last. So what could be better than a Christmas-themed gift that the recipient will want to keep and use year after year. Whether it’s a happy reindeer mug, a festive candle holder, or a game of Christmas dominoes, your fun corporate gift is likely to come out of the cupboard every December, creating a lasting impression of your company.

We also offer gifts that will provide fun for all the family, such as tree decorations and drawstring bags that the kids (or big kids) can colour in and admire, as well as novelties like stress balls or comic headbands that will help get everyone in the festive mood.

And if you want beautiful gift bags to put your presents in, we can brand them too! Hopefully, the recipients will save and reuse the same bags, so you never know who will end up seeing your brand name!

If your staff are working from home, it’s likely they’ll be mindful of their heating bills, so why not send them a warm blanket so they can turn the heating down a notch but stay cosy as they work. Or they can enjoy simply snuggling up under it as they watch their favourite programmes during the long, dark winter evenings. Our Moose plush blanket even comes cuddled by a friendly reindeer, who’ll no doubt find a loving home with the kids!

Click here to see our Xmas 2020 brochure.

Christmas hampers

Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive a hamper of luxury Christmas food and drink? Whether you have clients who are foodies or you just want to give people treats to share with the family over the holidays, we’ll create it for you. And there’s something to suit all budgets, from £22 upwards. We can fill your hampers with wine and cheese, savoury nibbles, sweet treats, cakes and puddings, Scottish-themed goodies or whatever you want. These beautifully presented hampers will be very much appreciated, and even if the contents don’t last long, the recipients will remember how delicious they were and be grateful that you thought so highly of them.  Lead times are 2-3 weeks so make sure you place your order by 2nd December.

Click here to see our wide selection of hampers, all packed with yummy food and drink.

Global Market Trends

Purchasing trends

There has been a big shift in purchasing trends for office supplies this year. In fact, it probably won’t be a great surprise when we tell you that hygiene products, signage and safety screens have risen to the top of companies’ priorities over the last few months. There was also a greater move towards ordering office home office desks, chairs and ergonomic supplies online to help create comfortable and safe working spaces for employees working from home.

With your business supplies provider, it’s great to know that during these challenging times they are able to supply a varied range of products including office stationery, print, signage, hygiene, PPE, furniture and catering items to name a few!

This means you will spend less time searching for items you need and have fewer invoices to process, saving you both time and money. Ordering from one trusted supplier during challenging trading times like these is important as supply can fluctuate. Centralising orders with one supplier is a sustainable purchasing move and will also help to simplify the delivery process.

Working from home

Of course, the most radical change in office work this year has been the move to working from home. Remote working has been the ‘new normal’ during the lockdown, and it has been so successful that companies are looking at downsizing and moving to smaller premises. This has brought about a shift in purchasing trends, and there has been a consequent surge in the need for equipment for the home office such as desks, chairs and technology. Office workers are adapting technology to remote working practices, and webcams and headsets have been trending products.

Keeping schools safe

The world of education has also had to adapt in order to get students back to school safely. Our education supplies are as popular as ever as the autumn term begins, but we have seen equally strong demand from schools for our COVID-19 essentials to help keep pupils, teachers and other staff safe. These include masks and visors, and floor stickers and signage to ensure pupils stay socially distanced, as well as hand-sanitising stations, protective screens and cleaning products.

Retailers are open

Retail is another sector that has seen major changes. Again, PPE products such as disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and visors have become a staple for small and large stores alike. Protective screens are an absolute necessity to protect staff and customers, as is social distancing signage and floor tape. These can be bought alongside the everyday essentials that are always needed by shops such as till rolls, carrier bags, cash bags, banknote checkers, etc.

One emerging purchasing trend that will continue is the shift towards eco-friendly products. The growing demand for companies to be more sustainable is not just in terms of using recycled paper – it is across their use of all products, from pens to cleaning supplies and face masks to furniture. That is why we label products available online that have eco-friendly credentials, making it easier for our customers to do the right thing. And as more products come on the market to meet the increase in demand, the more we will be able to help. Read more about sustainable purchasing here.

facilities management workers software computer

Facilities Management in a connected world

The job of a facilities manager has changed radically over the past few years, mainly thanks to smart technology. They no longer need to create complicated spreadsheets in order to stay on top of keeping the premises under their charge safe and in good working order. Technology also enables them to spend less time travelling between multiple sites, increasing productivity with the ability to spend more time at their desks. 

The connected world provides facilities managers with all the management information they need to enable them to keep everything working smoothly. Cloud-based facilities management applications offer centralised software that can be accessed by managers and their staff. Users can report and track issues through the application, which can be accessed by members of the team, and issues can be scheduled and prioritised, so everyone can instantly see what they are expected to do. With everyone accessing the same information, and with documents kept centrally, it will improve communication with your team and your colleagues. 

What you can do with facilities management software capabilities

The software allows you to create preventative maintenance schedules as well as organise repairs. Users can access the system to report faults, triggering an automatic notification to the appropriate members of staff who can take swift action; the software will also help you organise staffing and priorities, and record and monitor contractors. Its auditing facility enables you to ask for bids and record quotes, send invoices, and keep receipts, certificates and any communications centrally, so all of your information is at your fingertips. 

Asset tracking is also made easier, allowing you to keep hardware and software records, and record maintenance schedules and repair costs. You can add information about the expected lifespan of your equipment, allowing you to ensure the budget is always going to cover the cost of replacement. 

Other benefits include analytical reporting (which can be extracted to Excel), email notifications, reconciliation with your accounts system, and document and image upload functions. The software can be accessed via any device, so facilities managers will have all the data readily available ‘on the go’ wherever they are. 

Improved efficiency

When it comes to larger organisations with multiple sites, those working longer hours or 24/7 operations, facilities management software allows the different teams and the business as a whole to work and operate more efficiently. With everyone having access to just one set of data records means there is less opportunity for tasks to be missed or time wasted by someone beginning work on a repair that has already been completed by someone else.  

Facilities Management software is ideal for use by outsourced maintenance companies as well as in-house facilities managers across all industries. Every manager can tailor it to their organisation’s needs, providing an extremely efficient and very cost-effective way of improving service overall and driving efficiencies. The software is free to try and straightforward to set up.  If you would like a demo click here or to find out more, please contact us

legionella testing office kitchen sink

Why is Legionella water testing important?

Under the Health & Safety Regulations your company must appoint someone to be responsible for preventing and controlling risks associated with legionella and ensuring adequate assessments are carried out. Often, this responsibility is outsourced to legionella water testing companies

With so much attention currently directed to the Coronavirus, it is easy to lose sight of other risks, but this could be dangerous; the legionella bacterium is responsible for the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ Disease. The protection of your staff and customers from the risks of legionella is especially important if you are reopening your business after a break in trading. If there is air conditioning at your premises, legionella water testing will help you to maintain safety standards. 

Legionella is a water-borne bacterium. When it is inhaled – usually in fine water droplets – it infects the lungs and results in Legionnaires’ Disease. Many outbreaks originate from air conditioning units, but in the commercial environment, people have also been infected by water from spa jacuzzi’s \ hot tubs and showers. 

What conditions enable the legionella bacteria to thrive?

The optimal conditions that allow legionella to grow are stagnant water that is heated at an optimum temperature of between 20oC and 45oC. At lower and higher temperatures, the bacteria will be dormant; temperatures above 60oC will kill the bacteria. Where there is a regular flow of water, there is less risk from legionella because the bacteria do not have a chance to establish themselves. Stagnant water also collects waste materials and sludge which provide the bacteria with the nutrients they need to thrive. 

Domestic properties are much less prone to the bacteria owing to the constant water use and the fact that hot water is heated above the highest temperature that the bacteria can remain active in. However, on a cautionary note, take care in the garden – especially during the summer months – as people have been infected with legionella bacteria that have had a chance to grow in warm, stagnant water in garden hoses and water butts. 

Have your business premises been closed during lockdown?

If your workplace has been closed during lockdown, you may have inadvertently encouraged the perfect conditions for the legionella bacteria to thrive, with unused water pipes and air conditioning units heated by summer temperatures. 

The recommended frequency that you need to do regular legionella water testing will depend on your company and risk assessment. 

Don’t leave it to chance

Book your legionella water test today for peace of mind or perhaps to complete your Covid-19 risk assessment. We now offer a full range of services to protect your business from legionella, including legionella risk assessments, water testing, water system management, and water tank cleaning and disinfection. 


Stay safe.

Why Sneeze Guards/Protective Screens are an ideal addition to the post-pandemic office

UK employees are beginning to phase back into the workplace and are preparing for the ‘new’ way of working. Although Boris Johnson recently announced that as of the 4th July, social distancing measures will be reduced to “1 metre-plus”, the safety of employees and customers is still a top priority for all businesses and cleaning, hygiene and protective measures need to be carefully planned out and ready for employees to come back.

Protective Screens, also known as ‘Sneeze Guards’, are a favourable and future-proof solution when it comes to keeping employees protected. Not only can they be used as a physical barrier between staff, but they also have an array of other benefits which we are going to explore further in this blog.


Protective Screens allow for agile working & flexibility

The beauty of Protective Screens is that you have full control over the placement and fixtures of them. For example, you have the choice to implement full standing screens fixed to the floor between desk benches or you could opt for small, light-weight screens placed on top of desks instead. This allows for flexible working as the screens can be repositioned to where they are required i.e. breakout sessions, during important meetings or to create private spaces for employees to focus.


Keeps your employees and customers protected

Social distancing is set to be the new normal so it’s likely that implementing Hygiene Screens won’t just be a ‘temporary’ solution. It’s important that your employees and customers feel safe and are confident that their health is being protected in the workplace. They add another layer of security for your employees and visitors and act as a physical barrier to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs. 

Whether you’re working in a doctors surgery, hospital, school, reception area, hotel, holiday park, hair salon, office or retail environment, there is a huge range of screens to suit all sizes, spaces and requirements.


Maintains transparency & light in the workplace

Implementing Protective Screens in the office doesn’t have to result in a loss of space or light. The majority of these screens are transparent (made with clear acrylic or glass) which ensures that full visibility is maintained and your employees and customers are still able to see, interact and engage with one another.

Another benefit is that the clear transparent screens is that they will also prevent the office from becoming ‘closed in’ or  ‘shrinking’ and modern open plan workspaces can still be achieved.


Easy to clean 

Cleaning and hygiene is now more important than ever, especially in the workplace environment. The clear acrylic and glass screens are extremely easy to clean and are safe to use. Most screens are also made with an antimicrobial surface coating to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria which will further help to protect the people using them.  

Businesses are also having a deep cleaning service before employees return to work and looking at long term hygiene solutions like antimicrobial surface coatings which can be applied to high traffic areas like door handles, tables, reception counters, lift buttons, handrails etc to help prevent the spread of germs?


What screen is right for me? 

Whilst Protective Screens and Sneeze Guards are designed to protect against droplets from coughs or sneeze in the air, there is no definitive answer to the question ‘what height should they be?’ We would recommend using a protective screen 660mm above desk height to provide an appropriate barrier against airborne droplets between seated people and for floor standing screens, we would suggest 1895mm high for an appropriate barrier between those people who are standing (including a standing person and a seated person).

For more information or to start exploring our huge range of Screens and Sneeze Guards, please click here. You can also get in touch with a member of the Quills Interiors team at or call 0845 078 0324. 

Alternatively, take a look at our Protective Screens brochure for more inspiration

office workers social distancing covid 19

Returning to work – a new landscape

Many companies are contemplating how to make the move from national lockdown to ‘back to the new normal’ work processes. For some, normal as it was will not resume and there will be a period of adjustment where employers will be redefining what the workplace means as they, along with their employees, get used to whatever the new normal will be. It is widely accepted that whilst most businesses have operated efficiently during lockdown, if it is safe to do so, it’s time to begin a phased return to work.

Businesses large and small are therefore planning to bring some or all of their employees back to work and are following government guidelines on how to prepare the workplace for this. Employees returning to work will be understandably anxious and worried so it is vital you put their minds at rest and assure them that all measures possible have been taken to safeguard them whilst they’re at work. There are many things to consider when preparing for this uncharted territory, read on for our advice and information on how we can help.

Trust your suppliers

Your trusted suppliers will be your best friends during this time. If you have built up a solid relationship with them over the years, you will be the first to know what their service offering is and how they have diversified to ensure they can supply exactly what you need during these unusual trading times. They will be the ones to rely on when you need to source key products in large quantities and you will be able to count on them to give you honest advice on the availability of high demand products and the best market price as these can change daily. They are only a phone call away so it’s always worth touching base with them and asking for their assistance. You will be amazed at how resourceful they are!  

Get cleaning!

If you haven’t already, now is the optimum time to have your office or premises steamed and deep cleaned. Office deep cleaning is recommended to be carried out at least twice per year as it will remove any dust, bacteria and fungi that has been lurking in forgotten corners and inaccessible areas that haven’t seen a vacuum cleaner in months. You can also take it one step further and have the cleaners sanitise it using antiviral detergents to kill germs and disinfect all of the high touch points. Antibacterial door handles can also be placed on the doors to reduce contamination and an antibacterial surface lacquer can be applied to the hard surfaces to complete your rigorous hygiene schedule. This will ensure that the workplace is as clean as it possibly can be and ready for your people to come back to work safely.

Who’s in?

Following government regulations, you will be required to calculate how many people you will be able to fit in your workspace without compromising coronavirus health and safety protocols. A thorough risk assessment will need to be carried out in order to identify any risks or hazards and a programme put in place to help employees stay safe, protected and as productive as possible with new procedures and guidelines put in place if necessary. For example, hand washing and/or hand sanitising stations will need to be available at all times at the entry and exit points to ensure that the correct sanitisation and hygiene controls are in place. Meeting rooms will need to be reviewed in terms of their layout, ventilation, seating arrangements and whether you introduce protective screensAs the summer is approaching you might also want to consider utilising outdoor space for quick catch ups or you can continue with video conference meetings to limit contact with multiple coworkers.

Time to move?

A change to the layout of your office or workplace will be an inevitable part of putting new safety practices in place. A redesign of the office space will no doubt entail moving desks around to allow employees to work at a safe distance from each other. For added peace of mind, you can also consider creating clear demarcations by installing glass partitions.  Or if it’s not possible to change your office layout, protective screens and sneeze screens will provide an effective solution to protect employees and customers and are quick and easy to install.

What colours increase employee productivity

What colours increase employee productivity, well-being, and satisfaction

Different colours affect employees in different ways, learn how interior design can impact office behaviour

The psychology of colour is relevant in all areas of interior design, however, it becomes especially relevant when looking to increase employee productivity, well-being, and satisfaction in an office. Every colour evokes a different reaction or emotion in a person, learning which reaction or emotion comes along with each colour can ultimately create a better work environment. Here is a list of colours that will benefit your office overall:


Blue, especially light blue, is often associated with feelings of calmness and ease. Painting an office blue, and using blue decorations or floor coverings, will allow the employees to feel relaxed and less anxious about their daily tasks. Similarly, blue is associated with productivity because it is known to stimulate the mind.

Different shades of blue around an office have been proven to induce creativity; this is especially true in conference rooms where creative ideas are being talked about and passed around with other employees.


Red is proven to increase energy in a room. Though not recommended to paint an entire office red, because the use of too much red creates feelings of anxiety, the use of red accent walls or red decorations can wake the mind up. Red also motivates people which will increase not only productivity levels but also wellbeing. According to an expert at Goldleaf Designs, custom home builders, simply by painting an office can change the entire overall mood of a workspace.

The combination of light blue and red around an office can also provide a creativity boost for employees. Combining a classic warm colour with a classic blue colour creates a visually pleasing balance for employees, making them more productive.

A popular trend in office interior design has been the use of red seating and wall hangings surrounded by an otherwise white or neutral background. This trend diverts attention to different areas of a workspace which will constantly stimulate the brain, creating new and productive ideas.


Associated with the sun, yellow creates feelings of optimism and happiness in a work environment; thus, employee well-being and satisfaction. Yellow can also create creativity in the work environment because it stimulates the mind and creates feelings of self-assurance.

However, be careful of too much yellow. Yellow, like red and orange, is a warm colour and too much of it can create feelings of anxiety and even anger. If you are using yellow as a paint colour, make sure it is a pale yellow. Neutral walls with yellow accent decorations and accent wall may be a good choice to prevent the risk of overstimulation.


Green, similar to the feelings associated with light blue, is associated with tranquillity and calmness. Different shades of green around the office can even create feelings or thoughts of nature which in turn, creates emotions of ease and satisfaction. Green also adds a sense of balance in a room which will help the well-being of employees.

Adding plants is an easy way to add green to an office space in addition to decorations and paint.

Green is often used in workspaces that work with money and finances a great deal because it constantly evokes the memory and thought of money to the employees as they work.


White is great for offices because it makes space feel bigger, cleaner, and even happier. White is practically a good choice for smaller offices because it will maximize the space. White also coordinates well with almost all other colours so it can be used as an accent wall in a room, a base, or on all walls. With the various ways in which white can be used in an office, it always adds to employee well-being by increasing overall happiness.

If white is used on all walls, it’s recommended that the walls have a fair amount of wall hangings and decorations in order to keep employees visually stimulated. Too much white can give off a “doctor’s office feel.”

A common colour theme in offices is the use of white and blue. The combination of white and blue, emulating a blue sky with clouds, makes employees optimistic and productive in addition to keeping the space lively. White walls accompanied by blue furniture is a popular way to create this colour theme.


Experimenting with colour and different colour combinations will affect employee productivity in a positive way while keeping employees happy and motivated to keep working. With proper research and planning, getting the right colour scheme for your office will be easy and beneficial. The possibilities are endless when redesigning your office space. For inspiration or to start discussing your design projects, get in touch with one of our interior experts today.

How to make your business more sustainable in 2020

How to make your business more sustainable in 2020

How to make your business more sustainable in 2020

I’m sure we’d all agree that we could be greener and small changes can have a huge impact on our environment especially for a business or manufacturer. As more and more of us understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and the environmental impact that operational and purchasing processes can have on a business, it’s important to consider how you can become more eco-friendly for your company reputation from its customers, employees and stakeholders.

Here are some of the ways you can make your business greener:

Set up a ‘Green Team’

Creating a ‘Green Team’ in the office, or even just allocating a ‘Green Champion’, is a great way to brainstorm new ideas and keep your business becoming more eco-friendly. Empower staff to make important decisions and introduce new initiatives that will encourage all staff and customers to improve their recycling processes. You can even introduce new ‘green policies’ that staff have to abide by such as no plastic bottles in the office or no desk bins. If possible, ensure your Green Team are made up of members from different departments within the business so that you can include different business perspectives. For example, include someone from the operations team to ensure you’re getting the best products as well as a member of the marketing team to discuss how to communicate your green ideas effectively.

Use green products

What do you do once you’ve finished with your used ink pen – throw it in the bin? Probably, because that’s all we’ve ever done. Every year, we fill up landfills with perfectly reusable pens and it’s time to consider stocking up on recycled or reusable stationery instead. Using green stationery will not only help the environment and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill but will save you money and improve your eco-credentials. It may also be worth keeping your office supplies cupboard under management by the designated ‘Green Champion’ who can be sure to see if there’s an eco-alternative or refillable option out there. There are many recycling schemes around which are free of charge and are designed to help make recycling your used batteries, ink and toner cartridges and other items a much easier process.

Clean green

Going green with your cleaning products is also recommended to help improve the health of your cleaning staff and other employees as well as remove harmful toxins from the workplace environment and less harsh chemicals going into our water systems.

Review your waste

Whilst we appreciate that this isn’t particularly the most appealing job to be done, reviewing your waste is an effective way to understand exactly what your business is using and what is being thrown away. Your waste provider will probably have a portal that you can log in to and see the split of recycling and waste to landfill.  This should give you a good indication of any changes that need to be made or new policies that should be introduced. For example, if there are a lot of plastic cups in the bin from the water cooler, replace the cups with eco-friendly and biodegradable versions. We also suggest doing this regularly, such as once a month to measure the success and impact you’re making.   Alternatively, why not consider mains filtered water?

Challenge suppliers or use sustainable suppliers

Getting access to more eco-friendly products can be as simple as asking your existing suppliers to provide a more environmental service or product range or even ask to see their CSR Policy. Just like you, there will be many other businesses asking suppliers the same questions so don’t be afraid! If your current suppliers don’t offer any green products or if they’re not looking to be more environmentally friendly, start looking for other sustainable providers instead.

In the meantime, it’s also important to review what you’re currently purchasing and if there are any internal or external changes that can be made which will quickly improve your eco-credentials. For example:

  1. What type of packaging are you using to send out to customers? Is it recyclable?
  2. Do your delivery vans comply with ULEZ standards?
  3. Are you using single-use plastic void in boxes?
  4. Do you have centralised waste bins in the office or warehouse?
  5. Do you recycle your office equipment?
  6. Are you using recycled stationery and office supplies products?
  7. Do you recycle your paper?
  8. Do you re-use packaging?


Introduce #GreenChallenges

Green challenges can be a fun way of encouraging your employees to be more environmentally friendly. For example, you could challenge your staff to go for a month without using any plastic eating utensils, and then reward those who complete the challenge by offering small (and perhaps even eco-friendly) prizes! Our eco-friendly promotional gifts catalogue is a great place to start looking at prize ideas.


Make the office greener (literally!) 

Bringing shrubs and plants in your building can massively help improve the air quality around your organisation which is essential for your employees. In addition, this will also help your business look a lot more attractive visually and there is only little maintenance required for looking after them. Bringing more nature into the office means more oxygen is produced and creates a happier space for your employees to work in.

Take a look at how Quills can help with your Eco Purchasing and CSR targets by getting in touch with our friendly team who are more than happy to help.