Four things your office space needs

Every professional needs a workspace conducive to productivity. Whether you conduct your business in-office or at home, each little detail of your space is important – from your choice of lighting to your storage facilities and even the style of your furniture. However, there are a few key supplies, above all others, that you should never be without. Here are the four crucial things you should consider implementing for a more efficient, productive office space.

Good storage facilities

A functioning office space will always house a lot of paperwork, and while they’re necessary for business, files that aren’t properly organised and stored can be a source of havoc in the work environment. Working at a cluttered desk can not only impact workers’ productivity, but it might also have a detrimental effect on mental health by exacerbating any feelings of stress or anxiety.

In contrast, focusing on work tasks becomes much easier when files are stored neatly out of sight whenever they’re not being used. In fact, it can be that much easier to find the documents that you need as and when you need them, if they’re properly stored in an accessible storage unit.

Good storage is more than just a messy stack of papers, or an overfilled filing cabinet. By opting for a built-in storage solution, you can optimise the space that you have available to you, keep the mountains of paperwork out of the way, and create a sleek, modern workspace that’s conducive to productivity.

It’s also good practice to decide how long you wish to retain your paperwork for and then utilise a reputable Archiving provider who will have purpose-built storage facilities, climate controlled and with 24/7 security in place to look after your data and paperwork.  These can still be accessed and either returned in the original format or scanned back to you, the choice is yours.

Ergonomic furniture

Most people will find themselves spending the vast majority of their workdays seated at their desks – particularly those who work in-office, who may not have the same amount of daily flexibility as a remote worker.

Unfortunately, spending hours in a seated position like this isn’t great for the body. So, it’s important to invest in some quality ergonomic furniture that will help to relieve the stress on your muscles and joints.

Ergonomic chairs are built to support your body, in order to prevent injury and keep you comfortable throughout the workday. Usually they’ll have adjustable seats, backs and armrests, and will be adaptable to suit your individual needs and frame. That means no unwanted aches and pains, and no need to reposition yourself throughout the day – ultimately making for a much more constructive work environment.


A space to take calls

Taking calls is part and parcel of working in an office, and often, time spent speaking with important clients will be prioritised above all other office tasks.

So, when it comes to these crucial communications, you’re going to need to have a comfortable, quiet space to conduct business away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office. In a shared workspace, this will mean having separate areas that employees can retreat to for some privacy, while in a home office, it may be that there is a designated call-taking area that others in the household don’t frequent.

You’ll want to make sure that this space is well-equipped with a good answering system, and that the telephone is of clear sound quality for a stress-free call handling experience.

Smart decor

When it comes to decorating your office, you’re going to want to strike the perfect balance between creativity and functionality. This means opting for designs that won’t distract from work, but will be engaging enough to inspire.

Consider modern designs in neutral colours for a clean, contemporary space. Don’t forget, an attractive office not only makes for a pleasant place to work – it can also increase employee motivation and productivity, and will provide a professional space from which to host customers, clients and other visitors.

Choose with wellbeing in mind

Most of us spend a whole lot of our time in the office – so, it’s crucial to make sure the space is one we (and our colleagues) love to be in. No matter which of these ideas you choose to implement, it’s important that you make choices with your physical and mental wellbeing in mind. After all, healthy and happy people make for the most high-achieving and rewarding workforce.