Keeping your desk clean and tidy will help you feel focused, energised and ready for the working day. Saying that, with projects ongoing and other colleagues giving you loose papers to look after, it often means that organised desks usually only last for a couple of days. Take a look below to view our guide to keeping your workspace clean.

1. Take it all off and start again

One of the best ways to get your desk organised is to just take it all off and start again. Simply remove every object from your desk and then sort through it all to see what you really need, and what you really don’t need. When choosing which objects should remain on your desk, be stern with yourself and only keep the items that you actually use. Who knows what you’ll find amongst piles and piles of papers!

2. Create a system

There’s no point tidying up your desk if, in a couple of months, you’re going to let it get as messy again! So, create a system and set time aside for a set day when you’re going to tidy up. In addition, create a checklist of how you’re going to maintain your desk to ensure it’s a productive clean-up session. By doing so, you might even inspire other staff to tidy their desks and in turn, create a tidy office!

3. Organised desk, organised mind

Stop and think, what do I actually need on my desk? Probably not all those loose papers, boxes, magazines, newspapers, old bottles and old envelopes. Get rid of everything you don’t use and keep all those pesky stationary bits in the supply’s cupboard (that is what it’s there for after all) or in your desk drawer!

4. Folders are your friend

Tackling paperwork will probably be the most time-consuming task whilst tidying your desk. Collect a few different coloured folders, label each folder and start filing away all those loose papers. Using items such as folders or in trays is a great way to keep efficient and an easy way to refer back through documents you need.

5. Create a space that’s your own

It’s important to keep your desk clean, but it’s equally important to ensure that you’re working in a space that’s your own and that you can enjoy as you’ll be there every day! Decorate the walls around you with some family photos, memories and colours to keep you engaged and comfortable. Hosting competitions and encouraging staff to get creative with their desks is a great way to boost productivity in the workplace.

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