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Facilities Management in a connected world

The job of a facilities manager has changed radically over the past few years, mainly thanks to smart technology. They no longer need to create complicated spreadsheets in order to stay on top of keeping the premises under their charge safe and in good working order. Technology also enables them to spend less time travelling between multiple sites, increasing productivity with the ability to spend more time at their desks. 

The connected world provides facilities managers with all the management information they need to enable them to keep everything working smoothly. Cloud-based facilities management applications offer centralised software that can be accessed by managers and their staff. Users can report and track issues through the application, which can be accessed by members of the team, and issues can be scheduled and prioritised, so everyone can instantly see what they are expected to do. With everyone accessing the same information, and with documents kept centrally, it will improve communication with your team and your colleagues. 

What you can do with facilities management software capabilities

The software allows you to create preventative maintenance schedules as well as organise repairs. Users can access the system to report faults, triggering an automatic notification to the appropriate members of staff who can take swift action; the software will also help you organise staffing and priorities, and record and monitor contractors. Its auditing facility enables you to ask for bids and record quotes, send invoices, and keep receipts, certificates and any communications centrally, so all of your information is at your fingertips. 

Asset tracking is also made easier, allowing you to keep hardware and software records, and record maintenance schedules and repair costs. You can add information about the expected lifespan of your equipment, allowing you to ensure the budget is always going to cover the cost of replacement. 

Other benefits include analytical reporting (which can be extracted to Excel), email notifications, reconciliation with your accounts system, and document and image upload functions. The software can be accessed via any device, so facilities managers will have all the data readily available ‘on the go’ wherever they are. 

Improved efficiency

When it comes to larger organisations with multiple sites, those working longer hours or 24/7 operations, facilities management software allows the different teams and the business as a whole to work and operate more efficiently. With everyone having access to just one set of data records means there is less opportunity for tasks to be missed or time wasted by someone beginning work on a repair that has already been completed by someone else.  

Facilities Management software is ideal for use by outsourced maintenance companies as well as in-house facilities managers across all industries. Every manager can tailor it to their organisation’s needs, providing an extremely efficient and very cost-effective way of improving service overall and driving efficiencies. The software is free to try and straightforward to set up.  If you would like a demo click here or to find out more, please contact us