winter maintenance work

Are your premises ready for Winter?

With many office workers working from home, and with the Christmas break on its way, this is a great time to carry out minor repairs and maintenance work. At our repair service, Restoreo, we are a bit like BBC 1’s Repair Shop but we come to you to breathe new life into your damaged items.

When it comes to the exterior of your premises, it’s always a good idea to fix minor repairs before the arrival of the bad weather, as it is likely that wind, rain and freezing temperatures will aggravate scratches, dents and chips and turn them into bigger problems. It’s these bigger problems that may become more expensive and time consuming to fix. It’s always best to fix issues as soon as they arise rather than waiting for the problem to get bigger, when it’s more likely that you’ll need to replace rather than simply repair which is more cost effective, takes less time and is a more environmentally choice too…repair rather than replace.

Domestic or commercial – it can all be repaired

Doors and window frames – even UPVC can get damaged, but it is possible to repair minor scratches and chips increasing the lifespan of the material and avoiding having to replace the door or windows for longer. Choosing to repair will also be the cost effective and a faster solution too as there will be no measuring to do or waiting for custom parts to be made and delivered.

Sinks and baths – chips and scratches to ceramic sinks and baths can be repaired, providing less disruption and minimising the need to remove whole units which may cause even more damage to the surrounding area.  You’ll be amazed at the results that can be achieved.

Wood – whether it’s a worktop, floor, desk, door or bannisters, if it’s made of wood it will inevitably get chipped and scratched in time. Once again, the easy solution is a quick repair to stop the damage getting worse and minimise disruption that can’t be avoided when a whole area or item needs to be replaced.

Stone, granite, marble, quartz – damage to floors, worktops and exterior stonework not only spoils the look, it can also provide dirt with somewhere to hide making cleaning more difficult. When the damage is outside, you also run the risk of further deterioration because of frost and ice.

Bricks and sandstone – any damage to bricks and sandstone needs to be dealt with as soon as possible as the material is more likely to crumble and decay, especially on exterior surfaces. Colour matching is easy with our state of the art technology.

Paint – chipped paint doesn’t create a great first impression for clients or for your own properties curb appeal and it allows the elements to damage the wood or metal underneath.

We can Restoreo anything!

Our minor repairs services are carried out by specialist trained technicians from  Restoreo Repairs which is part of the Quills Group. With a combined 30 years of expertise,  Restoreo technicians have repaired a wide range of surfaces, such as wood, granite, stone, porcelain, ceramics, steel, glass and even UPVC, making them as good as new and increasing their lifespan.

When it comes to paint and respraying, technicians use laser colour matching to duplicate the original pigmentation, and will painstakingly paint the same surface patterns and designs to ensure the repair location blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. Click here to watch our expert technicians in action.

Antimicrobial surfacing

This year, Restoreo has understandably been busy with antimicrobial surface coating services. Make sure that any minor repairs you carry out are completed with antimicrobial protection, especially in commercial, educational and healthcare premises. An antimicrobial surface coating will kill 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours. It has also been shown to kill 99.8% of TGEV-Coronavirus within eight hours. As it will last a year even on high traffic areas such as door handles, it’s an essential part of keeping your premises COVID-secure, and the cleaning process is also reduced as aftercare is simply warm water with a microfibre cloth.

Please contact us to discuss any minor repairs you have in the workplace or home, or if you would like to enquire about antimicrobial surfacing coating for your premises.