Surface Repairs

Restoreo is part of the Quills Group and has been providing high quality repair services across the country for clients within the housing, educational and insurance sectors.   With more than 30 years’ combined commercial experience, our expert technicians will take care of a wide variety of minor repairs that will extend the lifespan of your property and make it look as good as new!

Our experienced repair experts can make almost anything look good as new and at a fraction of the cost of having to replace it and in less time. This means your company can afford to invest a little more now in your office interiors, safe in the knowledge that should something get damaged, or even suffer through simple wear and tear, it can be restored to its former glory and look as good as new for years to come.

Reface Don’t Replace!

Make sure your home or commercial premises are well cared for by carrying out minor repairs when they’re needed.

Our motto is ‘Reface Don’t Replace!’ Repairs are cheaper in the long run and much more sustainable too. And if the interior and exterior of your home or commercial premises always look great, everyone in them will be motivated to take greater care of them too.

wood furniture repairs
tile repairs

Ceramic & porcelain repairs

Did you know that chips and cracks in sinks, baths and toilets can be repaired? With so many people using bathrooms on a daily basis, it’s inevitable that wear and tear and accidents will cause minor damage at some point. Our experts can repair chips and cracks on bathroom ceramics, restoring them to their original shine and giving them an even longer lifespan.

We also repair ceramic tiles on floors and walls, covering any cracks or chips that are not only unsightly but will harbour dirt and germs, eliminating the need to replace either individual tiles or retiling the whole room.

Granite, quartz and marble repairs

Kitchen worktops and floors that have been made from granite, quartz or marble are hugely expensive and time consuming to replace. Our technicians can repair scratches and chips for a fraction of the cost, restoring the surface and making it as good as new. By organising repairs when minor damage occurs, you’ll be increasing the lifespan of your floors and worktops almost indefinitely.

granite repairs
kitchen worktop repairs

Wood repairs

Wood is an incredible medium that also ages well, deepening in colour with the passage of time. It’s no surprise that we use it for so many surfaces and furniture items within our homes and our businesses.

Furniture, floors, window frames, doors, bannisters and stairs can all suffer minor damage, plus the usual wear and tear. We carry out repairs on dents, scratches and chips on all types of wood, whatever it is being used for.

Our technicians are experienced in repairing damage to wood and restoring it to its original state. They will also colour match the wood and varnish to provide a seamless finish. As wood is an expensive material, and a much-loved item of furniture is virtually impossible to replace, repairing damage offers a solution that’ll keep everyone happy.

Respray services – UPVC, Wood & Metal

Replacing windows and doors due to scuffs, peeling paint or because they’re not you’re preferred colour is not only detrimental to the environment, costly and very stressful whilst waiting for items to be custom made and installed.

The best compromise between doing nothing and a replacement is to repair and respray the surface. Respraying or freshly painting doors, roller shutter doors, garage doors, lift doors, handrails and window frames will bring your premises to life again without costing a fortune. Aside from the protection it will afford, it will also help provide a good first impression to visiting customers and clients.

We can also repair and respray UPVC doors and window frames. You do not need to spend thousands of pounds replacing serviceable windows just because the UPVC needs a bit of TLC. It’s possible to fill holes, repair cracks, dents and scuffs and match the colour and pattern of the existing finish to look as good as new.

wooden floor repair service
glass polishing service

Glass Polishing

Did you know that it’s possible to remove scratches and dents from glass surfaces within the home or workplace? Our expert glass polishers can work their magic to polish out scratches from windows, doors, sky lights, conservatories and tables, making them look smooth and as good as new again.

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