Coffee & beverage machines for the workplace

Providing exceptional tasting coffee for your customers, clients and employees creates a great first impression. Our machines provide fresh bean to cup coffee and speciality coffees that can be made in an instant and hot water is available for our tea lovers out there.

We can guide you through which beverage solution is right for you and find the perfect machine whether it’s for a showroom, hotel, restaurant or staff room.  We can also supply high-end barrister machines.

Once we’ve found the right solution for you we’ll provide training to ensure your team are fully up to speed on all of the features and how to use your machine with confidence. We can also conduct a complete site survey to ensure that the machine is suitable for your premises if applicable.

Ethically Sourced Beans

Every cup you drink is giving something back to the environment. How you ask…because our coffee partner is triple certified and ensures their sourcing, production and distribution protects the environment whilst still bringing you sensational coffee.

Which Bean?

We’ve got 16 beans to choose from including mild, medium, full-bodied and Rain Forest Alliance Certified and Triple Certified Whole beans too.  Don’t worry we’ll walk you through the different choices available and can even leave samples if you already have a machine.

Trial Period?

We want you to buy with confidence so we are happy to discuss setting up a three-month trial* and then you can decide if you wish to continue…we’re confident you won’t be disappointed!

*Terms & conditions apply

Bean Only Solution?

If you already have a machine we can provide a bean only solution, no problem.

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Bean-to-cup coffee machines are an all-in-one, fully automated bean-grinder, coffee maker and barista. From grinding your favourite coffee beans to pouring out the drink, they give you complete control over features such as the coffee strength, water and milk temperature and more. If you are looking for a budget coffee machine, or have smaller space or footfall and not expecting a high daily usage, then a bean-to-cup machine is the way toward great coffee, in-house.

Ethically-sourced coffee is produced through responsible and sustainable methods, and requires the farmers to be paid fairly for the coffee they produce. This allows them to invest in their farms and continue producing better quality coffee.

Factors to consider include: Location and space; accessibility; budget – both initial outlay and ongoing refills; usage requirements; aesthetic appeal; and your expectations of quality and coffee-options.

Water is heated and pressurised, and passed through the coffee beans, picking up their essence and flavour on the way. The earliest machines actually used wood fires. Modern machines use electric heating elements to bring the water to temperature.

Espresso coffee machines use a fine, powder-like grind of coffee while coffee makers use a coarse, thick grind. The finer grind of espresso coffee means that an espresso machine brews and pours within about 30 seconds.

Not all machine make hot chocolate so just ask and we can confirm which do.  But lots of bean-to-cup and traditional coffee machines have the facilities to make hot chocolate as part of their speciality drink offering.  Our filter jug solution is coffee only.

Next steps

Getting started is easy and our team are available to provide a quotation on your chosen coffee machine/s.

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