ISO Bravilor Bonamat Machine

Great tasting, fresh filter coffee

Can be manually filled with water and placed anywhere

Easy to maintain & use

Vacuum flask for  maintaining the correct temperature for coffee


Its wonderful aroma gives it away immediately…freshly brewed filter coffee! Bravilor Bonamats Novo & Iso Fresh Filter Machines are robustly designed and offer a more flexible solution for your everyday coffee. Both machines feature a manual filling system which is ideal for sites where connection to the water mains in unavailable, so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at any time and anywhere.

Key features

  • Brews coffee directly into the included vacuum flask (2 litres)
  • Manual fill water system allowing the machine to be placed anywhere
  • User-friendly and low maintenance
  • Free filter papers
  • Vacuum flask holds 2 litres designed to preserve an optimal coffee quality for long periods of time
  • Approx 6 mins brewing time

Ideal Environment

  • Sites without access to a mains water connection
  • Mobile or event catering

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