Prevention is better than cure

At a time when many things are uncertain, Quills customers can be assured of our commitment to providing a full range of services to support you. If your employees are staying safe and working from home, we have all of the office supplies essentials they need and can arrange delivery to home addresses, often within 24 hours. For your colleagues who are out working, we have a full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) from face masks, visors, antibacterial gel and hand sanitisation stands. While your offices or premises are closed, speak to us about arranging a full commercial deep clean, or any redecoration and minor repairs that need to be done. As a preventative measure for the future, you can further protect your staff and visitors by carrying out an antibacterial surface coating spray to hard surfaces and installing antibacterial door handles and door push covers. If you’re open for business as usual, our print service can help with social distance signage too. Whichever services you choose, you can count on us for quick, reliable service and high-quality products when it matters.

Covid-19 Space Planning & Management

Are you struggling to implement your new Covid-19 safe working practices to meet new government guidelines and factoring in social distancing and H&S measures?  We can arrange for our space planning expert to visit your premises and ensure you’ve covered all the necessary H&S measures. It’s important to consider aspects such as ventilation and maintaining airflow, reviewing desk arrangements, breakout areas, meeting rooms and if you have enough signage, storage, handwashing and waste management facilities onsite.

You might also like to consider having a deep clean or applying antibacterial surface coating to high traffic areas for extra protection.

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Protective Hygiene Screens

Providing protection for workers and visitors alike, protective screens and sneeze guards are now an essential accessory to the workplace and are suitable for all locations with close contact working where a protective barrier is necessary. With a choice of acrylic, glass or vinyl, they are easy to clean and come in different sizes and styles to suit your decor and environment. Lightweight for ease of portability or available with a variety of fixings, they can be installed with brackets, be free standing or attached with self-adhesive pads to suit your needs.

Commercial Deep Cleaning

In the interest of health and safety in the workplace, it is recommended that businesses carry out a deep clean of their premises at least twice a year. Commercial deep cleaning removes dust, bacteria and fungi by getting to the hard to access areas often missed by regular weekly cleaning. We can also provide an effective antiviral sanitisation deep clean service to thoroughly decontaminate and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Working in full PPE, our expert cleaners can come at a time convenient to you to avoid unnecessary business interruption and ensure that you are back up and running in no time. We can also provide regular cleans to ensure your workplace remains clean and hygienic for employees and your visitors.

Antimicrobial Surface Coating

With its fast drying properties and clear finish, our antibacterial and antiviral surface coating is a must-have for all high touch areas such as handles, doors, tables, chairs and tech screens too. Its unique formula kills 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours and kills viruses within 2 hours. With antiviral and antibacterial testing you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected against bacteria and viruses for up to 5 years or 2 years in high traffic areas. With its 12 month guarantee you will be safe in the knowledge that you have taken all possible precautions to provide a safe working environment for your employees, customers, visitors or members of the public.

Antibacterial Door Handle Covers

With bacteria and viruses able to survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, protecting door handles is the ideal way to improve hygiene and reduce the spread of diseases. Using clever silver ion technology, our door handle covers and door push plates have been tested and proven effective against common flu viruses and bacteria. With easy installation, they are a safe and easy way to protect your premises.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Products

Whatever your business, there are measures that you will need to take to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors. With our huge range of Covid-19 Health and Safety products, we have you covered every step of the way. From social distancing floor stickers to wall signs and posters, face masks and sanitisation stations, to pull up banners and barriers, we can make sure that you have everything you need to keep your customers informed and your staff safe.

Clinical Waste Management

Along with our comprehensive waste management service, we can provide fully compliant, safe disposal of your clinical waste. From infection waste containers to bio-contaminated PPE, our operatives follow the strictest guidelines and work diligently to ensure that your clinical waste products are collected and disposed of safely.

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