Face masks with Nano-Silicon technology

Face coverings in Nano-silicon have 3 layers of fabric coated in nano-silicon with an antibacterial surface to prevent cross-contamination each time the mask is put on or removed. It’s made from 100% cotton which means it’s comfortable and breathable and the antibacterial protection self-cleans while you wear it. Its antibacterial properties are effective even after 50 washes making it a cost-effective premium face covering.

Now, let’s get more technical – the photocatalytic antimicrobial surface of the mask has 25 nanometers diameter of nano-silicon on each of the three mask layers which absorb light and produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  These powerful microbiocides can kill viruses and bacteria and other harmful pathogens by breaking down the bacteria cell wall and attacking their DNA, ensuring they die and cannot reproduce.

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What are the effects of disposable face masks?

Did you know that more than 100 million disposable face masks are thrown away in the UK every week? Many people don’t know that these masks are made from single-use plastic which cannot be recycled and therefore, has become a blight on the environment. Not only do single-use masks take thousands of years to break down, but they also release harmful microplastics into our waterways.

It is therefore important that as many of us as possible opt for reusable face coverings, such as a Nano-Silicon mask, which has three layers of nano-silicon antibacterial protection and is a very cost effective and eco-friendly solution. The Nano-Silicon face mask is 100% cotton which is biodegradable and recyclable and has no added bleach, fluorescent agents or chemical additives.

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Benefits of a Nano-Silicon Face Mask

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria

  • Antibacterial effective even after 50 washes

  • Made from 100% cotton

  • Cost effective versus single use masks

  • Wear for 24 hours before washing

  • 3 layers of nano-silicon fabric prevents cross-contamination

  • Recyclable & biodegradable

  • can be branded with your logo

  • Odour free due to self-cleaning

  • tested and verified by SGS

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