Corporate branding taken to the next level with Living Walls

Quills are excited to provide innovative ‘living walls’ that will breathe new life into your corporate branding. Our logos can be customised to suit your business and are made with real plants, suitable for any modern office.

What is a Living Wall?

Living walls are exactly that, they are walls that are alive with living plants and you can add your company logo to them to create a feature wall.

Are there any Health Benefits?

Plants naturally take in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and then expel fresh, clean oxygen. This means you’re not just adding your branding and decoration to the office you’re providing clean purified air.

What are living walls made of?

Living walls can be made with a variety of plants depending on your requirements and these are added to a frame with a watering system behind them.

Aftercare & maintenance

Should you go for the moss living wall, no watering will be required as a glycerin-based fluid is added that stops any further growth as it replaces the sap of the plants. This means that the moss will retain its natural features, but will not grow.

If you go for a plant based wall, as mentioned above, a water system can be built in and some can be watered manually by hand.