Green Purchasing

To help you make informed decision regarding the products you purchase we have used symbols throughout our catalogue to enable you to recognise those products which are deemed to be less harmful to the environment or are produced in accordance with Fairtrade.

Quills Group Recycling

This logo indicates that an element of material used to produce the product is recycled. The minimum percentage of recycled content specified by the manufacturer is shown within the logo.

Quills Group UK Eco Friendly

The Eco Friendly logo is a non-accredited logo that is used within this catalogue to identify product which are less harmful to the world’s resources, are fair-trade or comply with the following standards as detailed below.

Quills Group Eco Friendly

This logo denotes that an element of recycled content and products which are less harmful to the world’s resources. See the ‘Recycled and ‘Eco Friendly’ logo for more information.

Don’t forget to visit our dedicated page on becoming a greener business.