Our business and supply chain have undertaken a number of reviews around Brexit and we have attempted to prepare for possible scenarios which may or may not happen over the coming weeks/months.

If we have a ‘no deal’ Brexit then we can expect delays across the supply chain, but we cannot judge government preparedness to gauge the scale and length of those delays. With a deal or a delay we would expect a much more stable trading environment in January 2021. We are, as you’d expect in close discussions with suppliers with regard to stock in the supply chain throughout these final negotiations.

Behind the scenes, we have taken the neccessary steps to ensure there is a sufficient supply of our stocked ‘top selling’ and ‘fast moving’ lines. However, where items are sourced as “specials” this may be impacted by third party preperations that are outside of our control – many of these are sourced from within the UK, but rely on an international supply chain. If such items are critical to your operation, please refer to the information below.

We do not anticipate any staffing issues as a result of any Brexit outcome.  Our customer service and account management teams are fully staffed and no risks have been identified in regards to any Brexit outcome.   

Whilst we will endeavour to provide a seamless supply chain in all variations of a deal or no deal, it is impossible to guarantee supply of all products at all times. Our guidance to our clients is to forecast and order extra stock to provide you with 4-6 weeks of  business critical items so that should a greater disruption to supplies occur or should we see significant hording or forward buying, you will be protected from any supply delays.  The more the whole supply chain can effectively plan, the less impact there will be.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team via email hello@quillsuk.co.uk or 0845 078 0324.

(Last updated 7.10.20)