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Free Audit

We offer a free comprehensive audit across all areas of spend in seven key areas. Our audit will capture your spend in its entirety, enabling us to identify where tangible savings can be made. This transparent process will not only provide savings but will also highlight spending patterns and will deliver reduced expenditure over and above reduction in the cost of goods.

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We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to account management. During reviews we will provide a myriad of reports and recommendations to assist in achieving maximum savings. Some examples of the reports provided are:

Trading Summary: a summary showing savings identified at audit versus actual savings delivered.

Missed Savings reports: this document will highlight purchasing patterns and help identify further opportunities to reduce costs.

Movement report: this gives you the overall picture of core versus non-core spend, with every business having changing requirements it is vital that we make amendments along the way to keep your contracted items relevant and current.

Print Fleet report: a report detailing your printer fleet usage by machine, user, mono/colour split and key service data. We can work with you to improve workflow and improve efficiencies.