Corporate branding taken to the next level with Living Logos

At Quills, we are excited to provide the innovative “living logos” to breathe new life into your corporate branding. Available in a variety of colours and fully custom to fit your business, our living logos are brand-specific signs with real plants, suitable for any modern office space.

What Is A “Living Logo”?

Living Logos are signs that are made of real plants. They can be used for fun corporate branding purposes, creative signage and decoration.

These are fully custom made for the buyer, so there are limitless creative options.

Are The Plants In The Logo Alive?

While adding plants to your office can enhance the workplace environment, their maintenance can be inconvenient. Having plants inside a sign sounds like it could be difficult to maintain; fortunately, this could not be further from the truth.

A glycerin based fluid that stops any further growth and need the plants have for attention replaces the sap of the plants in the logo. This means that the moss will retain its natural features, but will not grow.

Aftercare & Maintenance

As mentioned above, the plants are no longer growing and so the logo needs no aftercare or maintenance. The conditions of your office don’t matter; the living logo doesn’t require light, water or soil. Once the sign has been set up, no aftercare is necessary.

New Features For Further Customisation

While the living logos have always been customisable in terms of text, font and symbols, the living logos are now available for even more customised options. We’re excited to share these new features with our customers to see what unique signs they will create!


There are 9 vibrant colours of moss available to customise the logo with. You can now combine different colours within the same sign too.

The colour options are dependant on the plant type you are using; woodland moss only comes in one colour, but reindeer lichen comes in 8 colours.

Full or Partial Coverage

You can now choose the level of plant coverage you would like your sign to have.

This allows you more creative control over your logo’s outcome and opens up a new world of possible designs.